Door Wallpaper: Styles And Designs To Choose

Posted by Doortouch on July 13th, 2019

Whether in a residential setting or commercial, worn-out doors don’t appeal anyone. Many people either get them painted or install a new one. Sometimes the door doesn’t match with the current décor scheme. So what will you do in such a case? Changing it is one option but that will cost you a lot of money. Why go down that road when you can get Door Wallpapers for sale? Wondering what that is? Let us explain!

Door Wallpapers

They are like regular wallpaper but used on the door (obviously) either for decoration purpose or to cover a worn out door to give it a new fresh look. These door murals available in plenty of designs and styles are easy to install and remove without leaving glue residue on the old surface. It transforms the look of a house or office without burning a hole in the owner’s pocket. From wood finish to Vinyl Door Wallpapers you can buy it all at online stores. Here’s a list that you can choose from. 

Architectural & Geometric Wallpapers

Geometrical designs are in trend. They look extremely classy and stylish. When you opt for geometric door wallpapers, you are choosing an inexpensive way to bring a designer look to your home or office door. The designs create a playful yet elegant atmosphere, sophisticated and classy colors that can be easily gelled with an array of décor schemes.

Wood Finish Wallpaper

Instead of going for something trendy, you want to go old school and give the door an original finish? For that purpose, opt for Wood Door Wallpapers. Available in different colors and wood types, choosing one that matches your existing door material won’t be a trouble.

Metal & Gold

Indulge in luxury without paying an extravagant price with metal & gold door wallpapers. The finish would be the same but you can select different colors and styles to complement your lifestyle and décor sense. These wallpapers are self-adhesive, easy to apply, covering all the imperfections of the door and giving it a clean look. 

Modern Fashion Wallpapers

If you are living in rented accommodation or work in a rented office, you can’t change much, especially a door. If the place boasts of contemporary décor, don’t stay behind and get Modern Door Wallpapers to compliment the entire theme. When you move to another location and remove the wallpaper, you won’t be leaving any sticky residue behind and can use new wallpaper according to the new place. 

3D Door Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper adds more depth to the visual design, making it look more appealing. The creative designs and perfect finish highlights and reflects the 3D wallpaper, making the door appear heavy. It will feel like a regular door but no one would be able to judge that by its looks.

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