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Posted by Ainsley Aiken on July 13th, 2019

Missouri workers’ compensation pays the most valuable advantages to injured workers. It includes medical care and weekly payments of disability. The value of the workers’ compensation claim may differ depending upon the severeness of injury. It borders some of the rules and regulations which need to be followed when an employee is injured or ill during his or her job tenure.

What is workers’ compensation?

Missouri work comp is an act that governs the injuries which occur when a person is on the job. The insurance generally covers workspace mishappenings and occupational illness which could be the results of repeated exposure to the dangerous work environment. It is another condition for an employee to receive Missouri workers’ compensation benefits.

Note: If the employee is accidentally injured under the influence of drugs or personal health issues, then he is not eligible to receive the workers’ compensation benefits.

Benefits of workers’ compensation:

There are some advantages which are income replacement benefits. They can be medical reimbursement and medical care. Injured can also receive income replacement benefits which are of different types depending on the kind of injury as stated by an experienced work comp lawyer Missouri.

They are;

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits
  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Three benefits under workers’ compensation in Missouri

  • Medical treatment

Workers’ compensation claim is allowed only if the employer is required to pay for all of your medical treatments necessary to treat your injury. It includes doctor visits, prescription of medicines, hospitalization, physical therapy, and additional medical help.

  • Wage replacement while off to work

If you are unable to return to work due to injury which had occurred in the workspace, then you are eligible to receive total benefits. The benefits you get are two-thirds of your gross average wage. If you can return to work within a few hours of hospitalization, then you can receive temporary disability benefits.

  • Permanent disability

If a doctor confirms in his medical report that you are permanently disabled resulting from the workspace injury, then you will receive benefits of total disability from the time your disability continues. There is also regulation for increased payment in complicated situations of severe and permanent disfigurement.

Finding the best lawyer for compensation in Missouri!

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