Security Tips To Install Software On Your Computer

Posted by basshopper on July 13th, 2019

When browsing the Internet and downloading files we are exposed to many varieties of viruses or malware. Therefore, all precautions will be necessary when installing software on your computer. In most cases a malicious file needs the user's interaction to run.

Make the downloads of official sites
Webfilehipp is the official store for PC, but you can also download applications from an official website. Although it is true that not all unofficial sites contain viruses. As an official platform does not remove the danger. However, there is less chance of being infected if it is an official site because it will be tested.

Analyse the web well
Before downloading a program, look at the aspect of the page to know if it is official or related to what is going to be installed. Avoid those websites that do not inspire confidence or consult in Google about the author of the software.

Take into account the opinions
It is always useful to know how the experience of other users has been or if they have found it. It is a way to prevent when something can be harmful or is not reliable.

Hippo file

Have an antivirus
This point is vital for a navigation with fewer risks. In this way, cyber threats can be addressed.

Update safely
It is important to have the programs updated. But there are also false updates so you have to do it carefully from official sites or from the same application.

Check the installation conditions well
Most free programs are accompanied by additional software that is usually not very advisable. When warning before installing it is something legitimate. What you should do is remove the option to include this program that is almost always marked. Whether or not harmless can become an advertising or tracking tool. Better to avoid this type of unnecessary installations.

The responsibility when downloading software
Downloading software from the Internet is a very delicate task. If we are going to do it, it is important that we inform ourselves conveniently of the manufacturer. And, of course, download the software always from an official page.

We must avoid downloading programs from download web pages, even if they tell us that they are free of viruses. We have no guarantee that they really do not include malware.

For the rest, we must also avoid downloading software from the spam folder of our email. In addition, it is essential to avoid installing programs through p2p file sharing networks. In general, they are usually full of malicious and high-risk programs.

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