Explain the procedure of Plastic Surgery and how is it performed?

Posted by vambhore on July 14th, 2019

In the field of Surgery, plastic surgery consists of reconstruction, restoration or modification of the human body. There are two kinds of surgery.  The former is reconstructive surgery which comprises of hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery and treatment of burns. The second one is aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. In the first procedure, only a part of the body must be reconstructed or restore its functioning.  Cosmetic surgery is used for improving the appearance of a person. 

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How is Plastic Surgery Performed? 

There are various techniques involved in the procedure of Plastic Surgery. There are various hospitals in San Antonio which provides various services like rhinoplasty San Antonio, Botox San Antonio services, etc. 

If you want to do plastic surgery then you need to consult a plastic surgeon.  They will provide a complete detail about before and after surgery. 

One of the premium types of plastic surgery is Skin grafts apart from that there are newer techniques like flap surgery and tissue surgery that are used effectively.

Skin grafts 

In this procedure healthy skim is removed from an area which is unaffected on the body and the main usage is to cover lost or damaged skin. They can be where the bone is fractured and that breaks the skin with large wounds or in an area where the skin must be surgically removed- for instance, due to burns or cancer. 

There are 2 main types of skin graft: 

  1. Partial or split thickness skin graft 

In this procedure, a thin layer of skin is shaved from an area that heals well on its own like buttocks, thighs or calf. The donor area usually takes 15 days to heal and is pink in color for a small period of time before fading to leave the residue of a scar.  

  1. Full-thickness skin graft 

Here is where the skin thickness which comprises of both the top layer and the bottom layer is removed after which the area is directly closed. This is mostly found behind the ears, neck, upper arm and groin. This type of skin graft is thicker which chooses a new blood supply can be quite difficult. Before the surgical team performs the surgical dressing is quite important a week before it is performed. 

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