11 changes Madden 20 needs to make according to fans

Posted by freemexy on July 14th, 2019

11 changes Madden 20 needs to make according to fans

The beauty, and madness, of the madden 20 coins ‘off-season’ is there is no off-season. The coaching carousel, free agency, the draft, roster cuts: as soon as one season ends (congrats, Patriots fans), the next begins. And it’s the same for Madden 20. Its predecessor, Madden 19, still offers months of shelf life, but that hasn’t stopped devoted fans – and, more pertinently, critics – looking towards next year and all the Madden 20 features yet to come.

That coaching carousel is one area the Madden community wants tweaked, but it’s not the only one. Below I’ve curated the best ideas for Madden 20 features served up via fan websites, EA’s official forums, and social media, to form the ultimate virtual-Gridiron wishlist. From Ultimate Team to franchise mode, defensive playbooks to a ratings overhaul, all these changes would make an Ndamukong Suh-strong sim even stronger. Though there are some basics it needs to get right first. On which note…
Let’s start at, well, the start. Incredibly the official game of the National Football League has got the beginning of every National Football League game wrong for the worst part of two decades. I’ll let redditor TheDinerIsOpen explain: “Kick-offs and coin toss [are broken], as can be seen in franchise mode and overtime of competitive modes. Defend Left and Defend Right have been outdated since Madden 03. It should simply ask if you want wind at your back or wind in your face. And you should be allowed to defer like in actual football.”

“The presets in the game settings also do not work,” he continues. “First choice and second choice can sometimes give you neither. I know this doesn’t work because I’ve manually set my first choice to receive, and my opponent has manually set their first choice to kick, and I still managed to kick the ball off first. Daily I have games where I kick-off in the second half and also have wind in my face in the 4th quarter. That should never happen.”
Gameplay is paramount in sports games, but the true hall of famers – such as MLB The Show – always go one step beyond by delivering intricate details as well as excelling on the field/pitch/rink. More of those intangibles is a common Madden community request. “[I need to sense] the passion in the fans at home games,” writes Phillyrage on the official EA forums. “I need to feel the heat during August and September, and the freeze during December – not have camera men in shorts on the sidelines. Also, why can't there be scuffles and helmets coming off?”www.mutcoin.com

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