3 Quick Solutions To Solve Your Online Dating Problems

Posted by Juanes Garza on July 14th, 2019

For some of us, dating online and then living happily ever after can be a road full of obstacles.

The frustrations with online dating can end up feeling as though you’ve been cursed. 

You know that feeling of impending doom, don’t you?

If yes, the most important thing to remember is that you are not the problem.

No matter which stage of the online dating game is troubling you, whether it’s finding new relationships, trouble with the site, messages etc, there is a way to change your luck.

Dating Online is a game and its just a matter of being artistic enough to expose the dynamic person that you are to your potential candidates.

In order to maintain confidence and control your online destiny, we will touch on several of the common concerns, and the best ways to overcome them.

After reading this article, you will know the tactics necessary to face the online dating world and will able to focus on what really matters which is “making connections that count”

Here Are The Solutions For The Top 3 Online Dating Problems:

Problem #1: You Feel Like You Don’t Exist / Nothing is happening. 

The Solution: Regarding online dating, the key to making a great first impression and to boost traffic is a to have a solid profile. 

It’s shocking how many people put up low quality pics or no pics at all and then resent the fact that they haven’t found a date.

Would you approach someone sitting an a bar with a black mask on?

Well, it’s the same online, you need to put yourself out there and put up the best version of yourself, which means your profile has to be hot and engaging!

The primary ingredient being the “PHOTO’S” that you choose.

Replacing low quality photos with good ones showing the various sides of you including your face will make a big difference. 

Also, let online dating encourage you to hit the gym and get fit, the top conversations that go far are about health and fitness.

Group Pictures:

Our research shows that group pictures receive less engagement.

This is because, you are putting your potential candidate in the position to guess which one is you, or to choose your better looking friend standing next to you.

The 2nd best ingredient is investing the time to write a good description in the 

”About me" or the “Description” section.

We see a significant increase of popularity compared to the profiles who leave these fields blank.

“So be sure to include good quality photos and a biography which is descriptive to your “true self” don’t exaggerate cause it’ll catch up to you on your date night! 

Problem #2: Trouble Engaging/ Poor Or No Response.

The Solution: When you begin searching to find a partner, but struggle engaging in conversations or not receiving messages, it is most likely due to poor greetings or flirting errors. 

A big, big problem that causes poor engagement is the massive amount of guys who just sends a “hello” 

While a simple “hello" may seem like the way to get started, the receiver (hot girl) seeing just a “hello” is rather bland with no muscle behind it.

However ”hello how are you?" sets up a better stage for a response.

The ultimate way to get engagement is to comment on one of the photo’s, like guess where she or he is, or make a clever remark that’ll produce stimulus.

Also, if your biography is top notch, you’ll have a built-in conversation initiator already set up.

People love questions, so ask a question at the end of your biography to give your potential partners something to work with, such as:

"What’s your ideal date? Mine is having margaritas and cheese at an old fashion place.

The flirting errors are messages like “ oh baby I’d like to stick my….

When flirting you need to play the field with style.

Another big mistake is just because a female puts up a sexy photo guys take it as an instant invitation to bed, not! 

Problem #3: Problems Establishing A Date

The Solution: if you are having trouble setting up a date, here are the common problems.

  • you’re requesting a date too soon

  • you’re requesting personal details too soon

  • you are not producing proper stimulus 

  • you are appearing as a turn off, ie: talking about sex too soon etc

  • *Some guys asks for contact details without even saying hello or they carry on complaining about the dating site “don’t do this” as you are already putting it out there that you are a pain.

The smartest approach is to see online dating as a place to find friends followed by the opportunity to make that friend your partner.

Don’t think that just because it’s a dating site that dating or sex is a given, you need to work for it.

Quality dates, a fling, a friend, a one night stand and even an extramarital affair requires that both parties are ready and confident, which means there is attraction, curiosity and trust established which must be built!

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