Reasons to Start Your Own Funko Pop Figurine Collection

Posted by storeforshopping on July 15th, 2019

Over the last two decades, Funko Pop figurines have become very loved and famous. While one would have expected that they would be a staple toy among children alone, it seems that even adults appreciate having the little bobble head figurines that represent pop icons from all over the globe. If you do not have a Funko Pop figurine at home, here are some reasons to start your own Funko Pop Figurine collection:

They are everywhere

You can find Funko Pop figurines pretty much everywhere you go shopping these days – from local neighbourhood convenience stores to specialty shops and pharmacies, shoe stores, online shops, and even specific conventions designed for super-fans. The demand from people for Funko Pop figurines has become so large that many companies are trying to get in on the craze. As such, these little wobblers are available for purchase wherever you go.

There is one for everyone

Funko Pop figurines come in a breath-taking array of characters – from real life and every imaginable franchise. For fans of Star Wars, there are Princess Leia and Darth Vader figurines. For comic book lovers, there are figurines of characters like Iron Man, the mighty Thor, Superman, and Batman. In the music world, The Beatles, Boba Fett, and the Notorious B.I.G are all available. Daenerys and Ser Jorah Mormont can even be found together in one set.

They are affordable

Starting a collection of items can be a financial drain if those items are expensive. Thankfully, Funko Pop figurines are quite affordable as each figurine costs a minimum of £8 and at most, £20. If you are trying to buy a rare and previously owned figurine from an auction website, it may cost even more. However, if you choose to build your collection one piece at a time, it should not be too costly to put together an impressive array of figurines and bobble heads.

Their value increases

While Funko Pop figurines may be affordable to purchase, the company is particular about not letting any single character become a large part of the overall collection. This means that each piece is limited in number. If lots of people decide they want a specific limited piece, then its value will immediately increase. For instance, demand for the metallic blue Batman figurine from the Pop! Heroes collection brought its value to about £650, and if you are a Game of Thrones fan and want the headless figurine of Ned Stark, it might set you back by more than £1,000!

The Funko Pop range of figurines are beloved by many, and rightfully so. They are affordable, easy to carry around, available in an enormous variety, increase in value, and are also easy to find everywhere you go shopping. If you enjoy building collections, consider buying some from TheWorks’ online store.

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