Stories: The Origins Of The Refrigerator

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The advent of mechanical refrigeration coincides with the invention of the steam compression machine: made by Jacob Perkins, he made his debut in 1834 and used ethyl ether. It is only a first step: the collective dream is to be able to allow the transport and storage of food on long stretches. Suffice it to say that at the time of the Republic of Venice, to defend food from the assault of ravenous mice, sailors had only one weapon at their disposal: cats!

Perkins' invention is followed by a series of attempts, experiments and small achievements. In 1857, Carrè first introduced an improved version of the compressor for ethyl ether, then an absorption refrigerating machine that used, as a fluid, a mixture of water and ammonia.

The years go by. It is 1876. And in Argentina the crew of the Frigorique ship faces an apparently invincible challenge: it must bring the meat of 600/700 cattle to France and no treatment then known (drying, smoking, salting) can guarantee conservation food for such a long journey (about three months). The solution is identified by Tellier, who creates a compression refrigerator of methyl ether and installs it on the ship. This invention has the scope of a real revolution: the air is cooled by the evaporator tubes, which keep the temperature constant.

The following year, in Scotland, the Bell family patented an air-cooled system: mounted on the Dunedin, a sailing vessel, operated by steam and allowed to transport frozen meat from New Zealand to London.

These are the first phases of the "conquest of the cold", the process that leads to the affirmation of the refrigerator and its undisputed success. Today, the fridge is one of the few appliances in our homes that operate 24 hours a day. Continuous innovations have made it possible to create increasingly parsimonious and efficient refrigerators that are increasingly less polluting.

Their complexity, determined by the numerous components, sometimes leads them to need careful maintenance. This is also why Now offers a wide selection of spare parts for refrigerators : balconies, drawers, filters, gaskets, doors, handles, thermostats, electronic boards and much more ... available for immediate delivery.

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