Top 10 Affordable Music Marketing Tips and Ideas

Posted by Keith McCrow on July 15th, 2019

These days, in every field we saw lots of competitions. Everybody is trying to reach the top. The music industry is one of them. There are millions of people who are struggling in this field and trying to succeed and settle down here.

In this article, we will provide top 10 in budget Music Marketing tips.

1.         Email Marketing: Email marketing is must if you need bigger fanbase in the music industry.  And if you have a big email list means you have strong power to grab the crowd. So, it’s very important to choose a proper email marketing provider. Also, you can promote your email list on your website this will help to increase subscriptions.

2.         Live Concerts: Live concerts are the best way to gain lots of new fans and also the best option for new musicians. For more fan followers, the artist can organize some free shows and also they can begin their profession with some well-known artists because of which open pays attention to you more and you can start to make your own fanbase within a few days.

3.         Limits you’re Gigs: if you play every 15 days in the same city then obviously your show lose the value. So make a plan properly don’t gig frequently in the same city.

4.         Proper Distribution of Music is Important: Marketing means not only just increase the fanbase but take care of its proper distribution in all areas is also an essential task. So always choose the best music video marketing services that able to deliver your music in maximum areas.

5.         Use All Possible ways to upload music videos: Yet YouTube is the world’s best online video service provider there are many other online video service provider available in the market, use them also as this will expand your reach. Some of them are

            •           Facebook Videos

            •           Vimeo

            •           Daily Motion

6.         Use Social Media as a Strong Promoter: Lots of likes on social media, not mean that you are a famous person, use social media smartly as like a tool. Follow three important social media rules:

            •           Some post about the promotion

            •           Some post provides a value of your fans

            •           Some post should engage fans

If you follow these three rules your fans don’t get bored easily and follow your music for lifelong.

7.         Don’t forget Offline Marketing: Yes, it is a digital generation still; offline music marketing holds a value. Some important offline marketing ways are:

            •           Give an advertisement in the local newspaper

            •           Promote your music through radio

8.         Make Sure you are an Independent Record labels Artist: An artist who is with Independent Record Labels in USA get obviously more than major record labels so they are more appealing artists. Of course, they need more hard work to settle down but its worth as they make much more than others.

9.         Paid Advertising:  Paid advertising also an effective way of marketing it accelerates the growth of your fanbase there are lots of paid advertising options that we can use efficiently like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, lead generation ads and many more.

10.       Some Other Effective Ideas:  You can create your own mobile app on which your fans can get every update about you and your band in addition to this; you can make a proper network between all musicians. This will also increase your fan base.

About the author:

Keith McCrow is an independent Music Artist and an author of this article who writes about best Music Video Marketing services. He has also written about the importance of Independent Record Labels in USA.


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