Which option affects your Credit score?

Posted by Muskan Sharma on July 15th, 2019

As we know, the future is uncertain, and due to the uncertainty of the future, we never know when we need some more resources to meet our requirements. However, lack of money is not a sin anymore. Availability of services like a Gold Loan and Personal Loan change the scenario of how people face their financial situations these days. Although both services like Gold Loan and Personal Loan have their pros and cons, both help to overcome your financial requirements. Gold Loan, however, is known to be a more straightforward method than availing Personal Loan.

But if we get above from their pros and cons, we know that the need for cash is like an unwelcome guest who may knock our doors at an odd time of our lives. When no other financial option makes its way to our mind, we crawl through the websites in search of numerous lenders and finally click where we notice a can of corn saying ‘instant personal loan‘. Most of the times, this way may work and makes us receive the needed financial support.

But have you ever think of any other options of availing a multipurpose Funding?

Well, according to facts, a Personal Loan is the most exploited option, but surely, it is not the only option you may avail when you are going through emergency monetary needs. There are more ways to avail instant cash, like a Gold Loan, is a secured loan. A gold loan provides you with a monetary value against your gold ornaments which is being provided as collaterals, so in simple terms, Gold Loan is a provided value against your gold deposits where the lender provides 70% to 75% of the market value of your gold ornaments as a loan amount. The loan amount can reach up to 90% if the applicant is willing to pay a higher rate of interest. As Gold Loan is secured financial service; the interest that the applicant has to pay is less than a Personal Loan. A Gold Loan comes without a fixed tenure so that you can pay only the interest and keep your loan account active for years.

However, Personal Loan directly affects your credit score whether positively or negatively as it is an unsecured loan which only depends on your credit score even the amount provided is also as per your credit score and the ability to repay the amount will affect your credit score. On the other hand, there is no need to provide a credit score to avail Gold Loan, nor it will affect your credit score in any way.

Where Gold Loan provides you with the amount is minutes as the lender knows if there are any bad debts, the amount will be recovered on the other hand in Personal Loan the amount disburses in like hours or days, then why one should go for a more extended method when one can avail their monetary emergency in minutes. However, there is no need to provide a long list of documents while availing Gold Loan with that there is no need to provide your credit score.  Where in the process of Personal Loan is complicated and lengthy with that you need to give a long list of documentation.

Why go for a more complicated process? When you can avail your monetary emergency is minutes and with a hassle-free way with the help of Gold Loan financial services which is in real words the instant funding method, as the amount is provided with the flexibility to use it according to your own needs. Many financial as well as non- financial institutes provide Gold Loan services get the best Gold Loan services near you.

Gold Loan is one of the best ways to utilize your asset like Gold. It is one of the effortless methods one can choose to fulfil your current financial emergency. Gold Loan is best when it comes to a convenient approach. However, if someone wants to increase their credit score, they can always go for Personal Loan, but if the applicant seeks to meet their current financial emergency, then they should always go for Gold Loan.

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