5 Focal Points to Get a Fully Functional Reddit Clone

Posted by zahra on July 15th, 2019


The whole world is sharing something on social platforms each second which is actually in Yottabytes. That can simply make us understand how much people love sharing stuff on social platforms and various social bookmarking script. Bookmark script has made its own unique place in the social networking field and has also become a great business idea too. Reddit clone is the perfect way to start a similar kind of business. Have a look at some points that are must to make it highly functional.

User-Friendly Design

The design matters a lot while it comes to make your Reddit clone PHP user-friendly in real means. A simple and sleek design can help to gain popularity. After all, the attractive design is loved by everyone. The stunning design is a factor that can make people really appreciate the service. And that can become the ultimate power of your Social Bookmarking Software. Remember not to copy and come up with something unique.

Easy Memberships

Offering memberships of your Reddit PHP script will simply have two kinds. One will be the regular membership and then another would be the premium or the exclusive membership where the user will get exclusive or premium services offered by your platform. Keep the structure of membership plans as simple as possible so there would be no confusing experience for the users while they will come to subscribe to your service.

User Experience Should Be Focused

The user experience of your bookmark script will affect a lot in becoming popular and leading in the market even facing a lot of competition. To make the platform easy to use, you need to focus on the internal navigation and design it in such a way so that the user can get whatever they are seeking for in a maximum of three clicks. It would help a lot to the platform in the growth.

Structurize your Platform

A confusing structure of your Reddit clone will definitely make any user stressed and they may end up not using it again in the future. So the structure of your Reddit clone script should be kept as simple as possible. Everything should be well-categorized so that the users can find solutions to their needs in an effortless manner. Also, provide them support to surf and solve their problems via your platform.

Powerful Database

Having a powerful database is a must because the Reddit clone PHP will need to work with tons of data each second. So your database needs to be strong enough so that it can handle big amount of data transaction. Along with that, it would need to store a ton of information in the form of bookmarks so the storage space of the database is also something that you need to have a look at. 

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