Why do you need Medela’s Breast Pumping Services?

Posted by Aaryan Smith on July 16th, 2019

After when you are blessed with the fruit of the 9 months’ successful sowing of the seed in your womb, it becomes fearful to foresee the days coming forward. The days of breastfeeding, coping up with work, taking care at home, taking care of the child and keeping up with the physical health once again; all of these are difficult to achieve unless and until you have strong family support. All of this can be made easier with Medela’s breastfeeding accessories like breast pumps, electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps and many others. A pump can be a very useful tool for you if you have just entered the postnatal stage.

We have worked on a list of some reasons that would justify why you need to have a breast pump even if you are willing to exclusively breastfeed your child.  

1) Infant formula is no alternative to breast milk: When you express your milk for your child and you are away during the child’s mealtimes, you will still be able to feed them your stored milk instead of an infant formula milk which is nothing like the original one.

2) Resume your office after maternity leaves: After childbirth, you must be in a hurry to join back your corporate world, isn’t it? So, this is no longer a problem when you have a breast milk storage solution at home and at offices too. You can store and pump your milk for your baby to have it at home while you are at work.

3) Fathers & other members can take up the responsibility: When the milk is expressed and stored, the fathers can take up the responsibility of feeding the child. Not only a mother has a soulful bond with her kid but also the fathers can build a great bond after resorting to the exercise of feeding the child. The other family members can do it to fill up the places of the child’s parents (if both of them are out).

4) Premature babies cannot be breastfed: Premature or sick babies are too weak for breastfeeding by the mother. The mother can use the hospital grade pump to express milk so that it can be given to the baby. It will keep the flow of healthy milk inside them to help them grow sooner and get well soon.

5) Prevent yourself from breast engorgement: Sometimes, the mother makes more milk than her baby’s feed. This means that the breast is filled up with too much milk and it causes pain. In such cases, you can express the excessive milk for storage and your child can use it later on during the day. This will prevent you from unwanted pain.

Clearly, the above points are all very reasonable for you to have your relaxed postnatal time with your supportive husband and the other family members. Looks like, breast pumps are excellent initiatives to let you resume your work life, to let the baby bond with the father and to maintain your physical health and physique as well.

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