How to Farming WoW Classic Gold Fast for Beginner

Posted by accolac99 on July 16th, 2019

So you’re looking at WoW Classic and want to get back in there to play the old school World of Warcraft experience you buy wow classic gold fondly, but it’s been thirteen years since patch 1.12 and you may be a bit rusty on all the things you have to pay for. How to pay for all the ranks of your various abilities, the weapons you can use — that’s right, if your Priest wants to equip that sweet dagger, you’re going to have to pay a trainer in one of the three capital cities for your faction to do it — and it all takes cold hard coin.

If you want to make gold to pay for all this stuff, plus save up for that level 40 mount which has a price tag 80g before your faction discount and that far off level 60 Epic mount for 900g — and go ahead, the fainting couch is right here — then there are some rules to live by. Oh, and keep in mind your mount training is separate — as of right now on the Beta, it’s 20g just to train the Basic Riding skill, with Journeyman Riding — Epic mounts — not yet determinable by me since my character is only level 18 and can’t see past Basic.
You are going to be tempted to do stuff like buy gear on the Auction House. Do not do this. It is a trap, and it will only serve to benefit other players, not you. If you can possibly do without spending money on crafting materials, cooking ingredients or gear then do everything in your power to spend nothing on the AH. When you go to the Auction House, it should be with bags bulging full of materials and drops for other players to buy from you. Those Barbaric Cloth Robes? Don’t equip them, no matter how fetching they look — you’ll outgrow them in a few levels and Transmog is a fever dream four expansions in the future likely never to taint WoW Classic.

Sell everything. Even with the cut the AH takes, you’ll likely make more money unloading your Light Leather and Copper Ore on the AH than vendoring it, and random world greens (and the occasional blue) will almost certainly benefit your pocketbook more than wearing them for a few levels and then vendoring them will. If you can, hold on to all Bind on Equip items for your next trip to the AH. There’s no shame in returning to a bank and depositing all of your intended auction gear, or even rolling up that Dwarf or Orc alt and running her to the Auction House to serve forever as your Auction mule. Mail everything to her, and auction at your leisure.

Just remember to invest in some bags for her, because if you leave stuff in the mail too long it’ll bounce back. That’s always a hassle, and if you forget to get it out of the mail once it bounces? It’ll just poof away and you’re out that money.
One of the reasons your bags will end up so full — and one of the reasons I also recommend you make that Auction Mule alt a tailor — is vendor trash. You’ll want to hold on to at least some cloth and funnel it to a tailoring alt — or your main if they’re a tailor — because bags are expensive, hard to get a hold of and crucial for making as much money as possible. The more bag space you have, the more stuff you can vendor, and vendoring grey and white items is both reasonable amounts of gold. It’s less than the Auction House, but it can be a steady stream that can pay for things like weapon and ability training, if you’re careful and lucky.

Also, a lot of times you’ll get a quest reward that is — at best — a marginal upgrade or not even an upgrade at all. Instead of cursing your fate, vendor that bad boy. That’s extra silver in your pocket, and you’re going to need it. Do quests even if they don’t have any upgrades for you. As you level up the money from vendored quest rewards will climb up from a few silver to an actual gold, maybe even two!

The reason you want a tailoring alt and/or tailoring as a profession is so you can craft your own bags with materials that drop from the mobs you’re fighting as you level. This also means you can put more bags in the bank as you go, making it easier for your Auction Mule to make big trips and be more efficient without huge cash outlay. If you’re mailing mats to your alt anyway, they make a very efficient crafter.

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