Importance of Linkedin Marketing for B2B Business

Posted by Nexuses on July 16th, 2019

As a platform, LinkedIn has transformed a lot. Before, it is used for the only job searching dominant platforms around job seekers. now it's become a more pivotal platform. It isn't just for job seekers and recruiters. It is also a way to generate new leads for your business and market your services.

The goal of LinkedIn Marketing is simple: to engage an audience and build a network. Do this by demonstrating your expertise and thought leadership. Don't sell your services, but feel free to drive people to relevant and valuable content on your website or blog.

LinkedIn strategy for growing your business:-

1. Target Customer and Connection:-
Everyone on LinkedIn is there for business communications, which means your target audience for B2B marketing is right there and ready to see what you offer. Small businesses can zero in on the exact industry, company size and job role [of the people] that they know typically would buy their product or service. For example, if you are selling customer support software to small businesses in the United States, you can set your advertising campaigns to only be showing to businesses [that are] under 100 employees, based in America — and within that grouping, only to executives at those companies with a customer-support title. — Tim Peters, director of marketing,

2. Build a Reputation:-
It is a perfect place to tell your success story, present your brand, and make contact with experts from your field. Clients tell us what kind of people make high-quality customers for them. We make offers, such as inviting people to a webinar or offering a white paper. The result is a simple, inexpensive, systematic process for doing lead generation, with all the work done through LinkedIn. —Judy Schramm, CEO, ProResource, Inc.

3. Talk about your accomplishments:-
Another way to build up trust with potential clients and customers is by mentioning and displaying your achievements. This will help them understand and give an overview of exactly what you got to offer.

4. Networking:-
The most important benefit of LinkedIn is that it is filled with forward-thinking business professionals looking for ways to increase and grow their business. Fewer valued connections with people in top senior management could go farther and prove more valuable than 100 connections of no use. This platform follows focused marketing, empowers building quality relationships and creates a unique culture of individual who makes business easier for everybody.

LinkedIn is the most professional of the major social networking websites, used by over 450 million business professionals worldwide.

It’s not only about who you know but about who your connections know.

It is responsible for more than 80% of a business's social media leads!

Grow your business today with Linkedin Marketing. ✉  —>

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