3 Major Advantages Your Small Business Can Get From Managed IT Service Provider

Posted by Cameron Holtz on July 16th, 2019

Are you planning to beef up the security of your server and data? Trust a reputed managed IT service for your small business.


The biggest challenge of using all the modern and advanced technology is that you will be vulnerable to all kinds of higher security risks too. The power behind all the cyber attacks around the world has access to even more advanced technology to find out and use the loopholes in your system. So, when you are thinking that you are a small business owner and that saves you from being threatened by a cyber attack, you are seriously mistaken.

 The studies conducted by the international IT experts say that,

  • Small businesses are 43% more vulnerable in the face of cyber attacks
  • More than 60% of small businesses have to shut down because of the losses just after a successful cyber attack.
  • Due to human error of judgment or system failure, around 48% of data breaches happen because of malicious intent.

So, from these above data, you can deduce that even though your company is small and your resources are limited, yet you are not at all safe from IT security breach or cyber attack. In such a situation, when you are trying to beef up the data security, hiring managed IT services Boulder can help you. How? For that, you must take a look at the following advantages.


Prevention of Down Time in Case of Breach

Downtime can be harmful to many businesses. If you are attacked by a cyberbully or thieve and your website is already down when you are fixing the issue, it is likely that the delay will drive the customers away from you. If they cannot access your website while they are about to make a purchase or avail a service, they will be visiting the sites of your competitors. In fact, if your website is down, your employees can also face some issues too since they might need access to business-critical application and resources. So, when you are planning to minimize these risks even if the breach happens, the managed IT service provider Boulder can help you. They will prevent the downtime with backup and quick fixing so that you can immunize the productivity as well as financial loss.


Restricted Access and Permission

If your server and resources stored in the cloud remain accessible for everyone, it will be quite difficult to manage the exploitation as well as a cyber attack. But when you are hiring a managed IT service, they will help you restrict the access and provide the facility of using with permission which will keep the risks of a cyber attack at bay. According to studies, around 52% of data breaches happen when system fails to provide the required security. But when you are restricting permission, you will be taking care of the breach naturally as the only people who will get access are the ones who need to do the job. This way you can keep an eye on the access too.


Identifying the Gaps and Potential Threats

The key of creating a good defense for your data and IT is to identify the gaps in the security system and anticipate the potential threats so that you get a specific solution in the case of theft and breach. The IT service provider Atlanta will help you deal with these issues and defend you from the risks of potential threats.

So, now as you know how your small business can get benefitted immensely, what are you waiting for? Hire a company that offers reliable IT services and ensure more security to your business.

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Cameron is a famous blogger and associated with IT services Boulder. He has worked with IT service provider Atlanta too. Here, he writes on the benefits a small business can get from managed IT service provider Boulder

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