How to make USB data cable?

Posted by gaur7976 on July 16th, 2019

Today the total number of mobile user is approximately 2.7 billion in the world and in India, it is more than 299.24 million. This is the reason why I have taken this sector information. And as in India, the percentage of Job getting is down so there should be some alternative for that, USB Data cable manufacturing may play a game changer in this.

If there is a huge number of the mobile user more will USB Data Cabe demand. So let's know how to make a USB Data cable. To manufacture a USB data cable we will have to Setup a USB Data cable Plant. And in USB data cable plant there are several machines are used like Wire Extruder, Wirecutter and Stripper, Soldering Machines, Molding Machines, Salt Spray Tester, Cord Winding and binding.

USB data cable Plant

Let's take a quick detail of all these machines and process.

Wire Manufacturing: The start point of the USB Data cable Plant is wire manufacturing. The wire is manufactured with the use of Wire extruder Line. Wire Extruder line is a combination of different machines, in which the process starts with wire bunching. In bunching machine, several wires of copper are twisted together to form the core of the wire. Next core of wire is passed for PVC coating on its surface. Then it goes for Printing, here Lable, company name or parameter of wire is printed on the wire. Finally, the wire is bundled in demanded length.

Cutting and Stripping Process: After the wire is completely ready for use. The wire is processed with cutting and stripping machine. In this machine, the wire gets cut in small pieces and both sides of the wire are stripped. So that it can be passed to the next machines.

Soldering Process: In this process, the wire is soldered with USB Pin at one end and with micro USB Pin at the other end. All this soldering is performed by Automatic soldering machine or semi-automatic machine.

Moulding process: After soldering of USB Pin at both sides of the wire. The USB Pins are now covered with PVC to protect the pins and to attain the looks as we see of USB Data cables. The moulding machines are capable of doing many designs according to the mould die is designed. This machine comes in many variations, Which is used according to the need.

Salt Spray Testing: When USB Data cable completes all steps, then Data cable is tested to confirm its life span. This process is performed with a machine called Salt spray tester. Which basically tests the rate of corrosion with reference to time. This process is very important because here quality is verified.

Winding and Binding: When Data cable is finally tested and gets the OK remark. It goes for packing. In the packaging section, Data cable is processed with winding and binding machine which makes it in the round shape and tie it with a nylon cable. Here the USB Data cable is ready to go in the market.

Till now we have discussed the complete process of USB Data cable Plant. But a question arises that how much cost needed to set up a USB Data cable Plant. Here I want to say that the complete set up of USB Data cable Plant goes in lacs to a crore. But what I suggest if you don't have funds to set up a complete plant then you can start your business either in Parts or by performing some process manually.

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And at Last Thanks for reading my post. I hope it will help to gain a simplified solution for USB Data cable Manufacturing Plant.