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Posted by Recruitment Smart on July 16th, 2019

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Finding the right candidate with minimum turnaround time is the cornerstone of any successful business. Every day, HR receives CV’s in relation to the advertised role and are required to search and scan resumes to assess the ideal candidate. This task is not only time consuming but arduous in nature, leading on to a recruitment path where one is bound to miss out on the “opportunity to hire” window. In addition, human involvement in the resume scanning process makes it subservient to human predisposition which often lacks objectivity.


In times where shortlisting and attracting relevant profile from a pool of prospective candidates is of the essence, a delay in hiring or irrelevant profiling would prove to be detrimental to the success of the business. HR is leveraging the capabilities of IT advancements in the space of AI and machine learning in order to be a step ahead in a very competitive recruitment landscape. SniperAI is one such technological advancement in the AI space which uses machine learning to match CV and job specification at breakneck speed with immaculate accuracy. It integrates with most ATS Tracking Software and is perfect for corporate HR and recruitment companies. Sniper Turnkey offers a complete online applicant tracking system that allows you to easily draft job specs, match them to candidates, and share them with partners and social media sites.

The secret to Sniper AI is its machine learning capability, which automatically creates predictive data models over a period of constant data assimilation. It becomes smarter and more intuitive with every search. Sniper AI is built on a matching algorithm that compares candidate attributes such as work experience, skills and qualifications and compares it to qualitative factors such as length of service, employer noteworthiness, geographical location and more. These factors are multiplied by our proprietary machine learning (ML) technology that allows our system to learn how to appropriately weigh and score each unique factor. Its keyword technology is second to none which can instantly match and score candidates to each job specification.

The time-saving potential of Sniper AI is immense. It offers greater agility and hiring accuracy, with its machine learning capabilities, powered by AI has saved businesses headaches and cost due to wrong job placement.

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