Where does coaching stand in a leadership model?

Posted by Evelyn Williams on July 16th, 2019

The leadership model is made up of three levels: Public, Private and Personal. If you ask where coaching stand between these three levels of leadership does; coaching is a part of all the mentioned three levels. The levels of leadership were introduced to increase the skills and knowledge of the team members or the employees in an organization. Skill development and the productivity of a company go hand in hand, as the employee's skills increase the productivity of the company also increases. Here are a few reasons why coaching is a part of all the three leadership model levels:

Public Leadership:

Public leadership model refers to the act or the process of motivating a group of people in the organization into working in a manner which is created by the leader. In this process, the leader creates a positive work environment for the employees openly which helps the employee gain trust between the team members and the leader helps in creating a bond between the teams with various events and activities. Instead of approaching employees individually for their opinions about a decision, a leader would gather all the employee's opinions before coming up with a decision. A coaching leader in the level would help the employee understand their existing skills and would provide them with ways to develop it further; therefore the activities conducted would also help the employees to build a team spirit and work together.

Private Leadership:

Private leadership model refers to the process where a leader approaches one on one to an employee and helps them develop their existing skills along with work behaviour. Since each employee has their own goals and agenda to achieve, the private leadership model along with coaching leadership helps in creating sync between the employee's goals and the company's goal (tries to put the goals in the same frequency). This will help the employee work according to the company's target goal and the employee would be able to reach his goal simultaneously as well.

Personal Leadership:

Coaching in personal leadership refers to the process where a leader guides an employee through the personal problems he or she is going through. It is common that an employee's work-life gets affected due to the personal problems he or she is going through. A coaching leader would be able to give an example of what he or she has done when they went through similar problems; this will help the employee understand how to deal with it and how they are not the only ones who are going through similar problems. Apart from psychological support, the leader will also be able to provide the inner development of attitude and personality an employee needs to develop towards their work.

Coaching has been a part of the whole process where you analyse and understand the skills you have and the way a leader is helping you develop it. Without coaching, there would be no guidance on how to go about some problems which might occur while working or the technical know-how which is required to complete a task. Coaching is a part of the skills which a great leader must have in an organization or in the industry.

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