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Posted by Royal Fashion on July 16th, 2019

A modern gentleman just needs to look perfect. Any men's wardrobe will seem to be inferior in the absence of such an important element in it as a suit. At first glance, it is almost impossible to sort out the whole variety of costume models and moreover choose the one and the best.

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But this is only at first glance. Spend for yourself a simple classification of costumes by purpose and model at fashion stores in Dubai, and you will see that everything is quite simple. The suit can be called the business card of the representative of the stronger sex.

He is able to emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the figure, presenting its owner in the most favorable light, but only when it is properly selected. What are the signs of a properly chosen suit you need to know? And now a little more detail about the types of men's suit available at fashion stores in Dubai.

Till now, mens suit style can be formal and informal for different occasions. A formal or solemn costume can be attributed to a dress coat and tuxedo and the informal is a classic (business) style costume.

    • Tuxedo is an integral part of the black tie dress code. A tuxedo is worn with a snow-white shirt, vest, bow tie and a chest pocket for protocol events.

    • For the dress coat, the bright distinctive features are the long tails of the jacket in the back, in combination with the shortened front and the overestimated waist of the trousers with double stripes.

    • The most common dress coat is used for protocol events with a white tie dress code. There are several types of suits patterns at suit tailors in Dubai depending on the location of the buttons of the jacket: with a single-breasted jacket or with a double-breasted.

    • There is also a variant of the three-piece suit. For a suit with a single-breasted jacket, a one-sided arrangement of buttons in a row on one side of the jacket and loops on the other is characteristic. This suit due to its convenience has become the preference of most men.

    • A suit with a double-breasted jacket is less common in everyday life, but more preferable at official events. Buttons on a double-breasted jacket are arranged in two rows, and the floors of the jacket go deep into each other.

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