Recent updates to Albion Online

Posted by xiayumin on July 17th, 2019

Albion Online is a completely PC- and mobile-based MMORPG, just released its latest update, Percival.

When the project was first released, there was a free mode during the test, and after the test phase, the player started to buy the game. There is no monthly fee during this period, but the in-game market can make small transactions for players to purchase the equipment and other items they need. Then, since this year, the overall game has returned to the free game mode, but players can continue small transactions, so let more players start to Elder Scrolls Online Gold pursue this game.

For Albion Online, this is a rather confusing development and launch, although this seems to be the most recent model. The game has a dedicated follower, and although it's a compact, the concurrent users on Steam are around 5000. Of course, this does not explain all mobile players, as well as games without third-party clients.

This recent update, Percival, hopes to increase the number of new players. The first major change will take the form of adding a random dungeon. These are balanced devices designed for independent players and are designed to Cheap ESO Gold appeal to gamers who do not charge. This is also good for playing on mobile phones because players can attack the dungeons and get some equipment when they take the train to work, which is both convenient and tedious, which is a very successful update.

Follow me, tomorrow I will post an article about Albion Online's new role and random dungeon.

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