How to properly clean the washing machine - how it works right?

Posted by markwahl barg on July 17th, 2019

If you want to clean your washing machine in the best way, here are the best tips given by laundry pickup and delivery.

1. Fluff filter brings objects to light:

The lint filter has the task of catching foreign objects, such as a handkerchief, which decomposes during the wash cycle, buttons or coins. It should be cleaned twice a year.

To do this, first, open the flap at the bottom of the skirting board. Here is the sieve. It is depending on the machine and manufacturer with either lever that you press in or removed by rotation. Careful, there's a momentum in the water too. It can be collected with a highly absorbent sponge or a flat bowl.

Now, look at what comes out of it. You can rinse the lint filter under the tap or use the showerhead to help. Of course, the fluff should not land in the drain from the sink or the bathtub, otherwise, you may have the next problem. Put the cleaned sieve back in and make sure it is tight. Otherwise, water may leak.

2. Remove detergent residues from the filling compartment:

Remains of detergent and fabric softener accumulate in the filling compartment. Especially when we work a lot with liquid detergent and do without washing powder for a while. It collects moisture and it forms an ideal breeding ground for mold growth.

The laundry does not smell so fresh. This is because the fine nozzles are clogged and the detergent is not properly rinsed. For cleaning, remove the compartment, put it in a bucket of water and add a denture cleaner.

If everything has not been released after ten minutes, I will help with an old toothbrush, rinse it again and let it dry. By the way: Removing the detergent compartment is easy. Either there is a colored nipple in the rear area, which is pressed in or pressure is exerted on the rear insert, which then lowers by a few millimeters so that the compartment can be pulled out without resistance.

3. Rub sealing rubber with vinegar cleaner:

Seals, such as the rubber seal on the front loader, which is located in front of the drum and in which most of the water stops, according to laundry pickup and delivery, you should rub regularly with a damp cloth and a little diluted vinegar cleaner. This removes deposits. When thinking of it, also take a kitchen towel and dry the gutter after the wash.

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