Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology in India

Posted by epitomegeo on July 17th, 2019

It is nearly impossible to detect the hidden objects below the earth’s surface and to evaluate them. The need arises in many situations to understand buried objects, but the feasibility to detect them is very poor or negligible. The methods such as trenching and drilling or causing any types of ground disturbances is not the appropriate solution to this problem. The traditional methods are wholly obsolete because they are expensive and time-taking, and it is sometimes not possible or desirable to cause destruction to the earth by digging it. Even if digging is to done, it is not possible to estimate the depth of buried objects. Thus, their presence cannot be determined properly and their depth cannot be judged, resulting in poor investigation results.

Non-destructive GPR technology

Modern technology has attained a new height through continuous advancement resulting in development of innovative techniques that reduce the burden of fiddling with the earth’s surface and its interior. It is just same as the human surgical procedures have been made simpler by non-invasive surgical methods such as laparoscopy and robotic surgery. The innovative procedures are components of novel technology and are non-destructive.

Ground penetration has also been made simpler and non-destructive by an innovative technology of ground-penetrating radar, abbreviated as GPR. To determine the depth of buried objects and to evaluate the location to investigate the presence of buried objects have become much easier, and more accurate as well, by generating a cross section profile of subsurface without disturbing it, using GPR technology. This latest Geophysical technique is vastly used, along with other modern methods, in contemporary industries.

GPR technology benefits

GPR is highly prevalent, and Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Services prefer GPR survey due to a great deal of advantages of this technology such as GPS compatibility, easy setup and portability, most brilliant data density, quality and accuracy, rapid data acquisition with wide coverage, deep penetration with high resolution, HD or high resolution 3D Imaging, availability of depth information acquisition and soil profiles, ground-penetrating radar non-destructive and non-intrusive, wide-ranging geophysical surveying, and GPR complements other geophysical methods.

Scenario of GPR technology in India

GPR technology has highly progressed in many countries. India is one of the countries making use of this technology for earth surveys. Indian leads in technology and made substantial progress in technology in past few decades. Since the first term of Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, there have been lot of technology advancements. GPR has become common in this country and many companies have established their business in this field. These companies are located in many different Indian States that makes easy for someone to find GPR Survey Service in India. In metropolitan cities and technology advanced States, you can find Best Underground Utilities Survey Services also. Some of the best places to search best companies are Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Jaipur, and more places. The companies located in these parts of India use the best technology for their clients and serve many big clients to conduct surveys for them and to provide the best equipment need for this purpose.

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