What is Vietnam evisa Official & How much is Vietnam Visa Fee on Arrival?

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If you are about to travel to Vietnam, remember you need not necessarily apply for a Vietnam visa through the Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country or a nearby one. Vietnam evisa official, also known as Vietnam visa on arrival is a quicker, cheaper and simpler alternative that doesn’t require you to go to the embassy/ consulate and sit at the embassy for hours waiting for your turn to submit the Vietnam visa application. But then, what is Vietnam visa on arrival, and how much is Vietnam visa fee on arrival? OfficialVietnamVisa, your trusted Vietnam evisa official partner, answers these questions through this article.

Why Travel to Vietnam?

Vietnam, in recent years, has developed on various fronts out of which international business and international tourism are some. Speaking of business, the Vietnamese government has been supportive and continues to be so by encouraging business within the country, and also by creating a conducive and promising business environment for investors across the world. This is the reason why a lot of global investors, both the settled as well as the new ones, are eyeing Vietnam as the next investment destination for business.

However, visiting a country starts from applying for a visa. In view of the growing number of international tourists and business travelers visiting Vietnam, the Vietnamese government introduced the Vietnam visa on arrival in 2003. Here’s more to it.

 What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival? | The Concept of Vietnam evisa Official

So, what exactly is Vietnam visa on arrival? Is it a complete visa, or is it something else? Perhaps, is it a document that approves your arrival in Vietnam? Well, Vietnam visa on arrival isn’t a complete visa! It is, in fact, only a pre-approval document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. It will allow the traveler/s to board the aircraft and get the visa stamped on arrival at one of the airports in Vietnam. Yes, it is as simple! Vietnam visa on arrival, as specified earlier, is a quicker option over the conventional visa process and visa document. It is an extremely convenient option for people who wish to travel to Vietnam, but don’t have the time to apply for the visa directly at the embassy/ consulate.

What Differentiates the Application of Vietnam evisa Official from the Conventional Visa Application Process?

There are several differences that give Vietnam evisa official through OfficialVietnamVisa the upper hand over its regular counterpart. For instance, applicants can apply for an online on arrival Vietnam visa at any time and through any part of the world. This is because the process is completely online, as against the regular process that requires the applicant to visit the embassy (only in the embassy working hours) and complete the application procedure. Besides, the online processing time is less than 1 working day, and applicants aren’t required to submit any documents in-person at the embassy. Moreover, the payment is online, and you can use multiple payment methods to make the payment.

How much is the Vietnam Visa Fee on Arrival?

Visa to Vietnam fee on arrival is another important factor that distinguishes it from the traditional Vietnam visa application procedure. The processing fee for an on arrival visa application is 24 USD per traveler, while that for the regular application process is 50 USD per person. Also, applying online through OfficialVietnamVisa offers you refund in case of rejections. However, on the other hand, applying in-person doesn’t offer any kind of refund, in any circumstances whatsoever.

Vietnam Free evisa

Did you know that Vietnam offers a free evisa for the citizens of 40 countries across the globe? Yes, that’s true. Here are some countries that offer free evisa for a stipulated period of time. Here’s a table that enlists some of them.


Duration of Stay


Visa on arrival 30 days


Visa on arrival 3 months


Visa on arrival 90 days


Visa on arrival 90 days


Visa not required 30 days


Visa not required 14 days


Visa on arrival 30 days


Visa on arrival 90 days


Visa not required 30 days


Visa not required 180 days


Visa on arrival 7 days


Visa not required 30 days


Visa not required 30 days

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