What Makes Vape Juice Organic

Posted by johnhrq on July 17th, 2019

When choosing a vape juice, you want to find something that does it all, providing the best quality but also the best flavor too. There are many vape juices today that will claim to be organic, but what does that mean and how can you be sure that they are really organic?

Today, we will look at what goes into making organic vape juice and if it really is the right choice for you.

The word organic is thrown around a lot when it comes to quality. People like the word organic because they associate it with something natural or healthy. In the vape industry, organic means that a vape juice has been made with all natural ingredients and no additives that artificially add sugar or flavor.

Many e-liquids are made of synthetic products like PG or propylene glycol. There are also some nicotine additives that are not organic either. But that doesn’t mean that organic vape juice doesn’t exist.

If you want to find organic vape juice, you need to look for e-liquids that are labeled as organic 100 VG e-liquid . Being 100 VG means that the e-liquid is 100 percent VG or vegetable glycerin, and the organic nature of these vape juices makes them more valuable and truly a premium product.

Now that you know what makes a vape juice an organic 100 VG e-liquid, is it the right choice for you? It’s natural that vape companies and the media will want you to use a product that is more organic and made with fewer chemicals, even if it is harder to find and can cost more. It really depends who you ask among the vaping community. People who are committed to using organic e-liquids will swear by them while others who may be skeptical will say that it can’t be truly organic or just not fall for the hype.

It does in fact come down to taste and therefore preference. Organic vape juices do offer a lot of benefits, particularly the natural state of the ingredients in organic vape juice can be great for people who have allergies from ingesting synthetic chemicals, but if you are a vaper who is all about the flavor, an organic e-liquid will have a less potent taste while producing more of a lingering cloud. Vape juices that use PG will have a more powerful flavor because the PG helps carry the flavor, making it more potent.

That said, people who love natural products and are very careful about what they ingest will love organic 100 VG e-liquids simply because they are made from natural products. Of course, you can get skeptical that the word organic is just being thrown around as a marketing ploy to influence vapers to buy. If you know organic certifications like ones from the USDA or EU, you can confirm that products have been reviewed and really are organic other than a product with false claims.

There are companies that go heavier on the VG content of vape juices, ranging from 90 to 99 percent, but unless the contents of the vape juice are 100 VG, it is not considered organic. Use your resources to find what is best for you. The vaping community is large and between word of mouth and online reviews of different vape juices, you are sure to find a flavor that works for you, gives you everything you want, and happens to be better for you than the artificial PG e-liquids. Always remember to check with those around you and check the labels to make sure you are getting an organic product that you really want instead of settling for something that may be more harmful to you than you think.

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