Bulk Bagger Market: Full In-depth Analysis by Top Key Players, and Latest Trend

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Bulk baggers, also known as bulk bagging machines are equipment used for filling 500-4000 kg big bags, sacks or FIBC (Flexible Intermediate bulk containers). These bulk baggers are made up of stainless steel and offer stable and hassle-free packaging performance. Bulk baggers are an ideal choice when it comes to the packaging of products that are large in size and volume.  Automatic bulk baggers eliminate the use of manual packaging, reducing spillage of product. In the bulk bagging system, filling bags are suspended, inflated and then settled down on to the pallet during filling pre-packed poly, paper or mesh bags. Bulk baggers fill the bulk bags and move them via conveyor in an upright position to be sealed. Automatic bulk baggers are user-friendly. The touchscreen technology in bulk baggers provide the operator with an instinctive and easy to understand machine controls. Bulk bagger comes in a technique where the bulk bagger adjusts to fill the bags of varying sizes using an integral volumetric feeder. Bulk baggers are designed to load and weigh products such as powders, flakes, pellets, granular food items, coal, cement mix, silica, and fertilizer. Bulk bagger types include open mouth bulk baggers, manual bulk baggers, valve bulk baggers and compression bulk baggers.

Bulk Bagger Market: Dynamics

Bulk bagger is an automatic vertical bagging system that provides consistent and continuous production of many items that require bulk packagings such as granular foodstuff, chemical powders, sand, rock salt, fertilizers and other powdered substances in bulk bags of capacity 600 to 2500 liters. Bulk bagger equipment is also used to package huge slabs of ice. Automatic bulk bagger market is expected to flourish in the coming years because of its specific features that make the whole bulk packaging process easy by eliminating manual bulk packaging. Bulk baggers are designed in an organized way offering four symmetrically positioned load cells providing reliable and accurate measurements regardless of where the product is placed. Bulk baggers are available in admirable features which will help the bulk bagger market to set a footprint in various bulk packaging sectors.

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The features in bulk baggers include usage of PLC, bag inflation system, bagging speed control, inflatable sealer, dust collection part, infeed mechanism and discharge gates. These features are highly beneficial in the end use industries which require bulk bagger packaging. Bulk baggers provide weight indicator, which allows seamless interfacing on-site computer management, increasing the accuracy and greater bagging rates of 4-40 bags per minute during packaging. Bulk bagger market will flourish in the construction industry for the packaging of raw material such as cement and sand, packaging of granular raw materials for chemical industries and packaging of grains due to the need for safe and dry packaging solutions. Therefore bulk packaging sector is expected to witness significant growth in bulk bagger market during the forecast period.

Bulk Bagger Market: Segmentation

Bulk bagger market is segmented on the basis of types:

  • Open mouth baggers
  • Manual baggers
  • Valve bag fillers
  • Compression baggers
  • Bulk ice bagger
  • Wicketted Bagging
  • Form fill and seal baggers
  • FIBC baggers

Bulk bagger market is segmented on the basis of the capacity of packaging bags:

  • 500-700 liters
  • 700-1000 liters
  • 1000- 2500 liters

Bulk bagger market is segmented on the basis of bagging speed in BPM (bags per minute):

  • Less than 5
  • 5-10
  • More than 10

Bulk bagger market is segmented on the basis of bag material:

  • FIBC bulk bags
  • Woven polypropylene
  • Mesh bags
  • Paper bags
  • Wicketted poly bags

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Bulk Bagger Market: the Geographical outlook of bulk bagger market in seven key regions

The significant rise in the growth of cement industry market in India will help the bulk bagger market to flourish in the region as India is the largest producer and consumer of cement. Bulk bagger market is expected to witness moderate growth in North America when it comes to cement packaging. Agricultural packaging market in North America is expected to grow over a CAGR of 5.2% which will directly help in the growth of bulk bagger market in the packaging of agricultural produce such as rice, wheat, and other grains.

Bulk Bagger Market: Key Players

  • Premier Tech Chronos Ltd
  • MentPack Co.
  • EDL Packaging Engineers Inc.
  • Metalfab Inc.
  • UniTrack Corporation Ltd
  • Custom Equipment Design, Inc.
  • Bulk Bagging machines.in
  • Mollers North America Inc.
  • Hapman Corp.
  • National Bulk Equipment, Inc.
  • Spiroflow Ltd
  • Material Transfer Co. Inc.
  • Erie Technical Systems Inc.
  • Custom Equipment Design Inc.
  • Vineraj Automation
  • Inpak Systems Inc.

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