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Posted by excelr on July 17th, 2019

Data Science is one of the buzzing fields of technology in today's world. Many people confuse the terms like data science, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence with each other. It is fairly difficult for common people to understand the essence of these terms. Data Science is a big term which contains all the other fields like Data analysis and Machine Learning. Data analysis is related to that field of education which deals with the various types of analysis of a large number of data. A good knowledge of statistics is needed along with some programming knowledge in languages like R or Python to work with data analysis. Machine learning is another branch of Data Science, in which machines are taught how to take decisions on their own based on the fruitfulness of their previous decisions. Concepts like self-driving cars and chess playing computers defeating humans are all made possible because of machine learning. A lot of work has been done in the field of data science in western countries but in developing countries, the speed is not that high inspite of the demand.


This is due to the fact that there are not enough educational resources and guidance available in the field of data science. There is no course at the undergraduate level, which gives an introduction to data science. There is a lot of demand for data scientists at the current date, but the supply is very low. If data science education needs are catered properly, then the problem of unemployment of educated people in the developing countries can be solved. Since it is a digital age, getting knowledge about anything is not a problem since the cost of internet is very less. Still, there are not many good courses in the field of data science. There are some data science courses which are worth mentioning like the courses from Coursera and EdX, one from John Hopkins University, and another from IBM are worth taking. Both are free and you have to pay only for the certification. There are also some other data science courses like one from Udacity and some other from Udemy, which can be taken to improve one's knowledge. 


There will be a lot of data science jobs available in the future and many of the current jobs will vanish due to machine learning and artificial intelligence, like self-driving cars will be taking away the jobs of drivers, delivery bots will take away the jobs of delivery boys, war robots will reduce the number of army men required for protecting the nations. Thus, to remain unaffected from this upcoming job-crisis, it is very important for humans to upgrade themselves with the latest technology and that is data science and any branch of it. Since not much help is available for learning data science on free sites like YouTube,  it is very important to get oneself enrolled in a data science course and to get a formal learning from that.

If you are interested in data science and want to get a good education, then getting data science certification from ExcelR is the best option for you.



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