What to Do with a Short-Term Travel & Tourism Degree?

Posted by Skylark Institute on July 17th, 2019

The Indian Travel & Tourism industry keeps on growing by the minute. It is filled with high-paying, glamorous jobs of a staggering variety. And, it is all set to create millions of job opportunities in the next few years.

However, while this industry offers a great many chances for youngsters to build and develop a successful career from scratch, it also demands people who are well-skilled & knowledgeable professionals.

That’s where Short-Term Travel & Tourism Courses come in!

The Importance of Short-Term, Job-Oriented Courses (After 12th, Graduation, Or In Between)


Short-term courses, especially after 12th, can help broaden the career prospects by giving youngsters a comprehensive training that exposes them to different domains of the Travel & Tourism management sector. At the same time, students learn the necessary skills, get exposed to industrial mechanics, and build a work ethic, all in a few months.

When they graduate from the short-term course, they do so with a skill set that makes them employable, and hence desirable to the top brands in the industry.

Here’s a quick round-up of the advantages that a short-term tourism management course offers:

1. Technical Know-how

It is relatively easy to find work opportunities in the Tourism & Travel industry, simply because it is quite large and is divided into many domains and branches. That includes jobs in retail travel, ticketing & fare, currency exchange, tour operators, tour guides, & tourist boards, in aviation, waterways, & rail, at heritage sites, hotels, airlines, holiday parks & clubs, museums, zoos, and other such places.

Everyone who opts for a short-term course in Travel & Tourism learns a few primary, industry-specific skills that give them a strong enough background to work in any of these domains.

And the best part- The curriculum of a short-term course gives students the freedom to specialise in different domains at a later point & change the course of their career at any time.

2. Communication Skills

Short-term courses mainly teach students about the relationship between the service providers in the Tourism business and the consumer. Thus, they strongly emphasise on accurate and efficient communication.

However, once a student masters communication skill, it helps them expand their network, discover opportunities, and grab chances to grow and develop.

3. Industry Exposure

Short-term Travel & Tourism courses, especially the good ones, focus on the continually changing needs of the industry.

Their curriculum teaches the students about the various challenges in this sector and how to overcome them. They prepare the students for the dynamically evolving Tourism sector by using training practises that follow globally imposed standards of quality.

This ensures that the students are prepared to enter the industry and take up essential job responsibilities without many problems. Not only does this increases their employability but also makes them an asset to whichever organisation they may choose to work for.

The Biggest Advantage of Short-Term Travel & Tourism Curses- It Takes Only 3-6 Months to Be Industry-Ready

Contrary to be the belief that three months is too short a time to prepare for a career, well-designed short-term courses have proved time & again that much can be accomplished in this time frame.

All it takes to succeed is an industry-ready curriculum, knowledgeable trainers, & educational environment; All three of which can be found in Skylark Institute Short-Term Courses.

For more information about its courses & further specifications, students can directly contact counsellors on the Skylark Institute of Travel website.

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