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Posted by markwahl barg on July 17th, 2019

Washing and drying with these tricks are even faster and more environmentally friendly. Read these tips offered by laundry and dry cleaning near me.

Energy, detergent, eco-program: When washing is already a new era has begun. What has really been effective and useful, we have collected for you.

1. Powder instead of liquid

The small white litter has many advantages: it is not only cheaper than most liquid detergents. It also removes stubborn stains better and is generally more environmentally friendly.

How much washing powder do you need per load? That depends on the water hardness and the clothes. The latter one sees itself. The water hardness is often called on the account of the offerer. If not, there are test sticks in pharmacies or in the hardware store. On average: 65 grams of "normal" powder and 67 grams of the compact medium.

2. Protect the colors:

Of course, you never wash white clothes with colorful clothes. Tip: You can also use color protection clothes for clothes that are to be dyed off (about 3 Dollars in Supermarket).

Which powder makes the laundry really white? The stain from the summer shirt is gone, but slowly a gray haze settles on the bright white. Then it's time for heavy-duty washing. Almost all of them work with bleach that works on stains. The surfactants contained prevent dirt from settling back on the fibers.

Is an extra black laundry required? The funds offered for black clothes are not bad, but a mild detergent, which can be used for anything colorful, is enough. To get the real black really well, you can put the clothes in a mixture of water and vinegar. Then in the machine.

3. Dry faster:

Does it take forever, until the laundry is done in the dryer? You can shorten the time considerably by simply putting a dry towel in the drum. Try it out.

4. Keep the machine clean:

Further washing tips offered by laundry and dry cleaning near me. At least once a month at 60 degrees washes the machine with a detergent containing bleach. In addition, regularly clean the detergent compartment and leave it open just like the machine door after use.

Eco programs run so long - do they really save? All Eco programs run much longer than the normal washes. And yet they are much more economical. They use less water. And that is only once heated up very briefly. This requires less energy. This protects the environment and saves money but no time.

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