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Posted by Amos Fred on July 17th, 2019

Don’t neglect your curtains. Long drapes that frame your windows can add that much-needed note of sophistication or warmth to your rooms. More than ornamental, your drapes can also reduce heat loss and improve your home’s insulation. If you are renovating your house or moving into a new one, here are top tips to help you pick the drapery panels that are perfect for your living space in every way.

Choose a color

Consider the color scheme you want for your home. Think about the mood and vibe you want for each particular room. You can have yellow curtains for your children’s rooms, blue or brown ones for the study or just classic gray for your bedroom. Also, remember that fabrics fade over time. Think about how much sun your curtains will be getting. Brighter colors tend to fade faster, elle
Décor says. It’s wise to choose darker colors for rooms that receive plenty of sunlight.

Pick a fabric

Choosing the material for your curtains can determine a lot of things, including how long they will last or how well they can function in the way you need them to. For instance, if you want drapes that would be heavy enough to block out the sun or cold from outside, then you’ll want to go for velvet. Suede, tweed and tapestry can also keep the cold out. If you want something airy and light, sheers are the right solution. For breathable fabric that’s not too heavy or dark but can protect your privacy better than sheers, go for cotton.

Play with prints and patterns

If you have patterned furniture or a rug with an elaborate design, then it’s best that you choose solid curtains, Real Simple says. If that isn’t the case, though, consider the merits of patterned curtains. Small, neutral prints are ideal if you want something subtle while large, graphic prints can be bold and dramatic, resulting in eye-catching designs.

Consider length and lining

Decide how long your windows should be. Determine where you’d like the curtains to begin. How high should it go above your windows? Hanging panels higher than your windows add an illusion of height to your rooms. It’s also common practice for designers to hang the drapes six inches above the window frame. For a dramatic look, try going higher.

Get tiebacks or motorized curtains?

Pulling the curtains to the side with tiebacks is an elegant way to keep your windows open. However, you can also shop for motorized options. That will make it convenient and easy for you to close and open your curtains. Also called electric curtains, you can control them with an app, remote control or even a wall switch. You can even set these on a timer so the drapes will open and close at certain times of the day, noon, and night automatically, without you even worrying about them.

Shop for the best drapes for your home. This mini-guide might not cover everything you need, but it should be enough to give you an idea where to start.

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