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Posted by Sandeep Mehta on July 17th, 2019

If you want your business website to be on the first page of search results with any search engine, you need to optimize your page well. You can hire SEO Expert in Delhi to do it for you or you can learn a few SEO tips and tricks and find some free SEO tools that will help you in optimizing the website. Here are the few free SEO tools you can use.

1. Google Analytics
If you want to achieve better results with minimal financial investments, Google Analytics is one of the best tools to use. It can provide a lot of information that you need to help you with adjusting the page to the audience such as a number of visits through days, weeks, months and years as well as demographics or traffic sources, age, etc. These are all the information that can help you while optimizing your page and putting content out.

2. MozBar
This is a free SEO tool that works mostly with Chrome browsers. It can provide you with some detailed information about your SEO research and even provide some tools that were firstly unlocked - also for free. MozBar will help you explore any element on any page you want.

3. SEMrush
This excellent SEO tool mostly works with keywords of any page - it will provide information about the keywords that will get the page on the top of search results and can help in dealing with competitors by showing you which keywords they use for good ranking. If you decide that you need more of the thing this tool can provide - you can pay a subscription with a 14 days long trial.

4. Mobile-friendly test
This is an excellent tool to help you in optimizing your page. Nowadays most of the Internet users spend a lot of their time on their mobile phones and in order to make your page look good on all the devices, you have to optimize your page to be mobile-friendly. This is when Woorank comes in handy and does all the hard work for you. And don't worry, even if it shows that your page isn't mobile-friendly, it will suggest different things you can do to fix that problem.

Really handy SEO tool that helps you in showing how your page looks like in different search engines. It also helps in showing you if the titles of the content and meta descriptions are optimized well with the changes you can do to make it better.

Whichever tool you decide to use, make sure you give it enough time to work and help you with optimizing your page. There are much free SEO tools out there with almost no need to hire a Freelance SEO Consultant India to do that for you With some time invested in it, your page could become a huge success. List of the free SEO tools can go to the point you would get lost with all the names and functions so make sure to know what your page needs and use the tool that can help with that.

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