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Posted by limmzhou on July 18th, 2019

Keep this up, best Buy Rs gold series I've watched up to now! This is best tier YouTube content/series. I hardly comment on anything but I have to give you major props I could not envision myself grinding anywhere near as far as you can and you do it for articles that's insane. Dedication at its best, Jagex this man is a RS legend.

I do not often comment. And I know this has been stated by people already. However, the editing in this movie was absolutely amazing. I understand you had plenty of time to do it. So every video you upload is not likely to be edited so considerably. But it's moments like this to make this playlist rewatchable (If that is a word). Great grind. Great video. Fantastic dedication. That is a very good reason why many men and women love your videos. You have potential if you venture away from runescape and set your production at safest website to buy runescape gold talent and ability into something bigger, to do great things. Well done and thoroughly impressed with this sequence.

Your movies are just absolutely incredible. The amount of time spent progressing for any kind of footage whatsoever is simply crazy to mepersonally, let alone the act of editing together what I can only picture is a random set of clips from other time stamps. Remarks alone cannot explain how epic this series continues to be or will last to be. And hey, even if you're unable to feasibly complete ToB with an acquirable gear setup, it is fine because this series was incredible to see. Personally though, I believe that you're going to have the ability to pull it off, Best of luck and I am excited about another video!

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