QuickBooks: 3 Customer Payment Options

Posted by Radmin on July 18th, 2019

QuickBooks has provided businesses with countless benefits. From centralized control to accessible sites, it has helped companies reach people easily. Aside from that, it also offers convenience to customers since it provides them with various payment options. Read on to learn about different QuickBooks payments.


Most customers prefer to pay with cash because of how simple and easy it is. Unlike other payment options, your customers don't have to go through tedious processes. They just have to directly provide the money, and the transaction is done. Cash payments are instantly available to you, and you avoid dealing with bounced checks or unauthorized card usage.

However, having a cash-only business can also be a challenge since you need to maintain a paper trail or accounting log. This gives a higher chance for a potential audit issue. To avoid the risk of theft, deposit it in the bank.


This payment option can expand your target market. Some people prefer this method because they don't want to bring cash with them. It creates a clear paper trail from receipt to deposit.

The drawback is that sometimes checks will bounce and prevent you from receiving payment. It might be due to the buyer's account having an insufficient balance, which prevents the system from processing the transfer. They can easily get lost as well. In the worst cases, some banks lose records of funds. That's why it's essential to have administrative steps that the company will follow to solve possible issues when accepting checks as a form of payment.

Credit and Debit Cards

This payment approach makes it easier for customers to do business with you. They just need to link their account to yours to transfer payment. Aside from that, they'll also receive points from their banks when using cards for purchases. It's also safe since they'll be able to verify all transactions, making each customer's purchase experience better. Its flexible features also encourage clients to spend more.

Through QuickBooks, pricing will also be available to them online. However, it can also cause people to buy impulsively. So, ensure to keep a fair price for your products and services to prevent creating unnecessary pressure for customers in buying more of your services.

These are only 3 of the many options you can offer your customers. Expand your business through different QuickBooks payments. They'll help you reach more people and, at the same time, provide your customers with convenience.

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