The Micro Bikini Bottoms - The New Fashion Rage

Posted by David Thomas on July 18th, 2019

Ever since the introduction of women’s swimsuits in the 1950s, the overall notion of fashion has changed a great deal. Similarly, this attire has also changed until it achieved a more refined look. Swimsuits existed with more coverage earlier. With new styles flooding the market, the new age women do not shy away from trying all those. Micro bikini bottoms happen to be one such style.

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When it was first released, it was shunned by many since it was too revealing. For some, it was something which was designed to injure the modesty. However, as its popularity has increased among many, the so-called sneering has automatically vanished. Now, it forms a significant staple in mainstream fashion, emerging as an exemplary epitome of freedom and comfort. Over the years, it has created a massive craze among the beachgoers all over the world.

Today, women are more careful about choosing their bikini that fits them comfortably and stylistically. There are various styles of bikini available, ranging from high coverage to the ultra-low thong styles. One of the most recent styles that are gaining popularity is the Micro Bikini Bottoms.

micro bikini bottoms

Well, as the name suggests, you can expect it to be minimal in terms of size, which is primarily intended to give a low coverage look. They usually consist of a string type of bikini with a thong style bottom and a triangle cup top with a string tie at the back. Due to its amazing features, the micro bikini can appeal to all. If you don’t mind trying new daring fashion styles, this bikini is worth the pick. Whether you are at home or on your favorite beach, it would make your sunbathing experience quite memorable.

The reason the micro bikini is becoming one of the most popular styles today is that it reduces tan lines, thereby giving you a reasonably even tan all over. It is presumed that the origins of these bikinis are the Brazilian beaches where women used to roam in their normal bikinis and tuck them in when sunbathing to get the best tan they could. Probably, the idea of making a low coverage suit comes from this practice. Thus the style spreads all over the beaches in Rio De Janeiro before it appeals to the rest of the world.

Shopping for a Micro Bikini today is reasonably easy, since many stores, both online and offline stock such bikinis for a wide audience. Available in different shapes and sizes, these items can easily be availed online. There are lots of different colors, variety of tops and bottoms; some come embroidered while some come with jewels sewn on.

So why not try your favorite from such a massive collection of women’s swimsuits this summer and see how you feel on the beach.

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