6 reasons why preschool education is important for any society

Posted by rohit sharma on July 18th, 2019

When you think of preschool education for your child, what do you envision? Are you worried about the separation your child will have to endure? Do you think he is too small to go to school? Well, you shouldn’t worry because the top play schools in India are the best choice a parent can make for her child.

As a parent, it is obvious to feel concerned about sending your child to a structured environment where you won’t be present, but it is true that children who go to preschool are much socially and educationally ahead than children who start with nursery. Here are 6 reasons why preschool education is important for any society.

#1: Foundation for academic and social learning

The preschool years are when children are like little sponges; they soak up everything around them, even more than you can imagine. As such, these are years that can provide a strong foundation of learning for them when they are put into a structured environment where their academic and social inclinations are encouraged. When you choose a good playgroup school franchise, you are choosing an environment for your child where he can learn basic social skills and even pre-school math.

#2: The importance of structure

The importance of structure in life cannot be denied. Things like routine and habits play a very crucial role in success in later life and these are things that your child can learn in a structured environment such as a quality preschool. Following instruction and learning to play and share with other children are things that are learnt by practice and a play school will provide ample opportunities for your child to do these.

#3: Preparation for kindergarten

Another reason why sending your child to one of the top play schools in India is important is to prepare him for kindergarten. Kindergarten is more about academic learning and a preschool lets you prepare your child for it. Pre-math, pre-reading and pre-literacy skills are what your child will learn, apart from important social skills development.

#4: Problem-solving skills

Something as simple as putting a toy together or opening a much-loved book at the page one wants to is a skill that preschoolers learn. These are problem-solving skills which are integral to human beings. When you send your child to a play school, you are ensuring that he is ready to solve problems that daily life may throw at him.

#5: Language and speech

A good percentage of preschoolers encounter speech delay without them having any medical issues. They may have language skills that are below par for other children their age. In a safe and nurturing environment as a quality play school has to offer, the child can develop language and speech at his own pace.

#6: Get some time off

Parenting children in this busy age is stressful, and this is especially true for children of this age. Sending your child to a playschool gives you a few hours every day to get your tasks and chores done so that you can be a better parent when he returns home.

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