5 steps to start your hydroponic garden

Posted by Andy on July 18th, 2019

If you are a garden lover and you want to grow freshest and healthiest herbs and veggies personally in your small garden, a hydroponics system is probably the best choice you can start with. Spending the shortest time you can grow a huge number of vegetables by using this highly scientific and advanced process. So, if you are decided to start your hydroponic garden here are five top steps to start:

  1. Choose plants and seeds

The first thing to start a hydroponics garden is to decide what type of plants you want to grow there. Based on your choice, you will determine what type of system you require, whether it needs sunlight or grow lights, and how much space it requires for the effective growth of plants. Beginners are recommended to start with green herbs such as lettuce. Strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, and peppers are grown very successfully in this process. Germination of seeds is very important and you can increase the rate of germination by using heat mats. After germination, when each plant grows a stable root system you need to transplant them into your arrangement.

  1. Decide the system

The next step is to choose the system. There are a variety of systems available in the market. Now decide what system is suitable to support the growth of plants you planted. Take enough time to know the function, advantages, and disadvantages of each system. You need to consider a few factors while choosing the system such as the space, the types of plants, your budget, and the number of plants. For beginners, it is better to start with a small system. You will have more opportunities from this process once you learn the right methods.

  1. Choose the right source of light

Plants need lights to grow whether it is sunlight or other artificial lights. Without lights, roots will start rotting and the plants will about to die. If your system does not support sunlight use another source of lights to keep plants alive and growing.  There are various types of light setup available in the market. Make a research to know their functions and costs. LED grow lights cost high. Still, it is recommended that if you need an artificial lightening system never choose a cheap light setup.

  1. Determine the grow mediums

Now you need to determine what type of grow mediums fits best in your system. It depends on the types of plants and the hydroponic system you are using. After considering the cost, ventilation, water withholding, and pH level choose the medium. There are different types of grow mediums available in the market. Pebbles, coconut husk, perlite, and Rockwool are some common and useful grow mediums you should choose from.

  1. Purchase nutrients and additives

Hydroponic gardening is soil-free gardening. Then where do the plants get the nutrients from? It is by adding nutrient solutions in water. These are the foods of plants to grow. When your plants get the right nutrients daily it will boost their growth and freshness. So, choose the nutrient considering the needs of the plants you planted. Collect needed nutrients and other hydroponic gardening equipment from the market to start your garden.

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