Contemporary office interior design ideas in India

Posted by shreya kakkar on July 18th, 2019

Times are changing very fast, something which is evident if you compare our current lifestyle with that of a decade ago. With changing times, the way we live and work is also undergoing great changes. If you look around our offices and workplaces, you will discover that they have undergone tremendous change over the years. However, you will not get surprised at all because the change has been gradual and continuous. Out of these changes, there are certain changes that have made the office interiors more employee friendly.

First of all, comes the shift from robust designing to minimalism. Modern office interiors are used to having a simplistic look. One might think that organizations all around the world have taken the route of minimalism in their interior design, so that they can be economical. This is definitely not the case. It has been realised that minimal designs helps in inducing clarity in the mind. On the other hand, sophisticated and robust designs, clutter the mind and hinder the free flow of fresh ideas and information. Another reason for the focus on minimalism is the advent of technology. Today, we do not require big and bulky storage spaces to keep documents. We have sleek computer systems for that purpose. So the best office design would be the one that serves the purpose of the employees, with minimum heavy objects around them.

Secondly, modern office design has started focusing on the illumination of the workplace. This area had always been neglected, despite numerous complaints from employees. Here too, the development of technology has helped the designers. Today, illuminating every nook and corner of the workplace has become possible due to the invention of lightweight and cost effective lighting systems. Some interior designers are of the view that perfect illumination can be achieved with the help of natural light. This is the reason why modern designers are trying their best to maximize on natural lighting within the contemporary office interiors. This is not only to save energy but also to develop a better look in the office.

Third comes the use of themes in office design, which can be considered to be the best among the contemporary office interior design ideas. Organisations today have started selecting designing themes based on the core values of the organisation. The brand elements of the organisation are highlighted through the theme. This is an area that is in its development stage and the contemporary interior designers are putting in great efforts to further develop it.

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