Windproof Lighter Market: Structure and Overview of Key Market Forces Propelling

Posted by Harshad Borde on July 18th, 2019

Lighters are a source of fire and are used to light cigarettes or for other purposes. Windproof lighter as the name suggests can light cigarettes or objects even where there is a strong wind which is not possible by traditional lighters. Windproof lighters are most suitable for outdoor use. Windproof lighters are more long lasting compared to traditional lighters. The flame of a windproof lighter maintain its shape. Hence, the flame does not catch wanted fire when even when there is wind.

Rise in millennial population, increasing disposable income, changing lifestyle, and increase in the number of smokers are driving the demand for windproof lighters across the globe. Outdoor activities are rising across the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Windproof lighters are very useful in the outdoors in wind-prone conditions, and hence their demand is rising.

A major factor restraining the growth of the windproof lighter market is the rising number of counterfeit windproof lighters which is affecting the sale of branded windproof lighter manufacturers such as Zippo Manufacturing Company. Additionally, Butane fuel present in windproof butane lighter is harmful to humans. Electric rechargeable windproof lighters are unable to light many objects due to the closed design of these lighters. Furthermore, windproof gas lighters use up fuel faster compared to traditional lighters.

In terms of type, the global windproof lighter market can be segmented into electric rechargeable windproof lighter, windproof gas lighter, and windproof oil lighters. Based on distribution channel, the windproof lighter market is categorized into online and offline. Electric rechargeable windproof lighters can be recharged with a USB charger. The source of fuel in these lighters is electricity. Electric rechargeable windproof lighters produce an electric spark to light cigarettes or objects. Windproof gas lighters use butane or other gas as a fuel to light objects. These lighters are better in terms of quality and produce a stable flame compared to traditional lighters. Windproof oil lighters use petrol, kerosene, or other types of fossil fuel to light objects.

Geographically, the global windproof lighter market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America is expected to be a major market for windproof lighters during the forecast period. The U.S. is expected to be the largest windproof lighter market in North America. Canada is the second most important windproof lighter market in North America. Europe is a significant market for windproof lighters. Germany, the U.K., France, Italy, and Spain are major markets in the region. Asia Pacific is expected to be a major market for windproof lighters during the forecast period.

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China is expected to be the largest consumer of cigarettes in the world and hence the windproof lighter market in China is expected to the largest market in Asia Pacific and the world. India is expected to be another large market for windproof lighters. China and India are major markets for windproof lighter manufacturer Zippo Manufacturing Company. Japan and South Korea are other major markets in the region. Middle East & Africa is expected to be another significant market for windproof lighters, with GCC a major market in the region, followed by South Africa. Brazil is likely to be a major market for windproof lighters in South America during the forecast period.

Major companies operating in the global windproof lighter market are Zippo Manufacturing Company, ScorchTorch, Tesla Coil Lighters, Bolt Lighter Co. LLC, Ultimate Survival Technologies LLC, Prestige Import Group, Ralix Electronic Lighter, Jetline Lighters, Debang Smoking Lighter, and Swiss Military Lifestyle Products Pvt. Ltd. As of April 2017, Zippo Manufacturing Company manufactured 550 million windproof lighters.


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