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Posted by drclintcornellpac on July 19th, 2019

Light is so important it should be listed among Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Without light, plant life would not exist as abundantly, the streets would not be as safe, productivity would decrease, doctors would not be able to see the intricacies of the human body, and so on. Having the right type of light for home, safety and recreational purposes can make the difference between staying safe and walking blindly in the dark.These days, the best lights for any situation are those that have LED bulbs in them. The LED light, also referred to as the "digital light bulb" by Fortune magazine, uses a diode that makes it ten times more efficient than standard light bulbs.

There is an LED light for every situation in life. Here’s a guide to choosing the right LED light product to suit your needs:

LED Lights for the Home

Consider stocking your home with LED flashlights for power outages and times you need to peek into dark corners. An LED flashlight lasts a lot longer than a traditional flashlight, which uses bulky batteries that run out of power quickly. In addition, it will provide you with a brighter light in a more compact tool, making it easier to tuck into a drawer. Place LED flashlights in several areas of the home—such as the kitchen, living room, garage and bedroom—in case you need to quickly reach a source of light. Purchase a small one for your keychain so you can unlock your door with ease if you forgot to leave the porch light on or to help guide you if you are walking in a dark area.

LED headlamps are ideal for the home as well, especially if you need a hands-free source of light. They come in handy when you need to do electrical work, fix the plumbing under a sink, or work in any dark space. An LED headlamp will provide you with an abundant source of light that stays cool to the touch.

Emergency Disaster Kit

A home is not complete without an emergency disaster kit that contains basic necessities such as important phone numbers, first aid kit, portable radio, petty cash, batteries, flashlight, and so on. An UV LED flashlight will last exponentially longer in your kit than a traditional one. It’s also a good idea to keep some basic tools in your emergency kit; an LED multi-tool combines utility with a compact design.

LED Lights for the Car

Car and safety experts advise drivers to keep a small safety kit in each vehicle. This kit should include a blanket, water, list of important phone numbers, lightweight food (such as granola bars), car jumper, windshield hammer, seatbelt cutter, tire gauge, flares, basic tools and a flashlight. Consider purchasing an LED multi-tool for vehicles that includes a windshield hammer, seatbelt cutter, tire gauge and LED flashlight all in one. In addition, keep an LED headlamp in your car so you can work hands-free in the dark if you need to change a tire or jump start your car at night.

Outdoor Activities

An LED light is an essential survival tool for any outdoor activity, whether it be hiking, camping, fishing or hunting. Whatever your reason for being in the great outdoors, make sure you are always prepared and keep safety in mind. Carry a cell phone, pocket knife, LED flashlight, compass, small tool kit, emergency reflective blanket, emergency food, and so on. Consider purchasing a compact outdoor LED multi-tool that comes with a small toolkit, compass and light all in one to save on space.

If you are going fishing or hunting, use an LED headlamp that can attach to a hat or fit over your head, allowing you to carry your gear with both hands. Sports caps with LED lights built into the brims are also available.

If you are camping, consider replacing your traditional lanterns with a flameless LED lantern. Doing so will reduce the risk of fires, increase safety, eliminate the need for matches. LED lanterns are also easier to use and more cost-effective to maintain.

LED lights are inexpensive, especially when you consider the long-term savings they offer over traditional flashlights and lanterns. Considering its versatility, it is no surprise the LED light is a must-have tool for just about any situation.

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