If you are a multifamily home install Split system air conditioner

Posted by CB_Sales on July 19th, 2019

The ductless mini split air-conditioner systems have great potential in residential applications. Their use is also extended to offices, institutions and commercial buildings of min and large scale. Split system air conditioner is a versatile cooling unit which can work noiselessly and occupy bare minimum space. The most benefited are the multifamily apartments or houses or renovation homes that are undergoing retrofit. It is especially convenient to install in homes and commercial establishments that have heating systems with no-duct. This application is also ideal for room additions to existing houses and apartments of small size. It is also convenient in places where ducting work for central air-conditioning is not possible.


  • They work noiselessly and allow you to control the cooling with a remote controller
  • No duct work is needed only you have to make holes measuring small diameters
  • The indoor unit can be unobtrusive and installed on the wall or ceiling
  • The outdoor unit will be located on the roof top or on the backyard and appearing totally inconspicuous
  • A single unit can cool two or more rooms and as many as 8 units can be attached to a single cool air generation outdoor unit
  • Split system also incur reduced power bills

HVAC equipment is used in large buildings with multi-residential units or apartments. The heating and cooling units are also installed in large establishments where you need centrally controlled air-conditioning or heating.  The HVAC system in a commercial building is remarkably intricate. They serve many functions including controlling indoor temperature, filter the air from outside and eliminate polluted and contaminated air. Most components of the HVAC systems are common but are implemented and made to perform optimally. You have to keep the following things in mind while evaluating the system:

  • What kind of heating medium is used Gas or Oil?
  • What is the coolant used? Electric heat pump or air conditioner? Or Gas Air Conditioner or chiller?
  • How heating or cooling is delivered to the rooms, water systems or ducted air?
  • Whether the ventilation system is dedicated or others?

These components are largely mixed and matched in huge HVAC Systems to make them effective. It is wise to evaluate the above and come to a conclusion when procuring the system. HVAC equipment sales is the avenue you must go to for finding the right combination in your HVAC. 

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