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Posted by sherkhansahu on July 19th, 2019

My sweet memories: Living and Studying at New Zealand 

They were the biggest buns I had ever seen! Crispy tapas, stuffed with cranberries, cherries, cream cheese or chocolate. We ate them with foamy milk, sprinkled with cinnamon for breakfast. Those days in Wellington, I cannot forget. 

I remember New Zealand for the memories and aromas that give me back.  The pleasant summer, citrus fruits, green salad, cheese-laden tasty hams are still fresh just like an event a few days back. Winter nights with dried tomatoes, pumpkin soup, focaccia bread stuffed with cheese, plus wine filled glass keeping us warm when cold gush from Antarctic winds hit.  When it’s Christmas nothing hold back from enjoying meatloaf, roast pork soaked in applesauce, stuffed leg of lamb, Christmas chocolates,  and homemade Irish cream. 

However, it was not a smooth going when I was planning my higher education abroad. I did not have a reliable source to look for counseling and guidance until I came across Study Heights. Since then there was no looking back. Right from submitting an impressive application form for the student visa, to getting enrolled in a quality university, and finding an affordable living space, I got all the necessary assistance from likeminded people who at some point in time went through a similar experience.  

In my first year, as an architecture student at the University of Victoria in Wellington, I lived in a hostel called Te Aro Hall along with some foreign students: Malay-New Zealander with a specialization in design, an anthropology specialist from Papua New Guinea and a student of the architecture of Fiji. It was fun! We took turns preparing dinner, except on Fridays, when everyone was going to do his or her thing. Being the eldest, I was responsible for organizing important events such as birthday celebrations, night movies and trash day. We went to the supermarket together to buy our personal favorites: ice cream for Fi, Chinese book choy for Warren and midnight snacks for me. 

During our senior year, we moved to the Trinity Newman apartments overlooking the Kelburn Hills. As students of senior architecture, our class created new furniture with waste materials such as an old piece of recycled wood or an aluminum plate. I enjoyed the practical experience of creating a piece of furniture in a fully equipped workshop and making materials speak through design. 

The University of Victoria, established in 1899, is one of the oldest universities in New Zealand, located in the heart of its capital city, Wellington. The Architecture and Design Schools is offering three different degrees in Construction Science and Design, Architecture (which include product design, theater design, exhibition design, textile design, furniture design New Zealand design history). Architecture students have the option of enrolling in elective and basic courses of the Design or Construction Science programs or any other subject at the University of Victoria. 

The library of the School of Architecture houses an extensive collection of international publications, slides, and books. The library also has a computerized Avery index for architectural periodicals and related disciplines published around the world. Students can access authors, titles or any topic online, such as architectural design, urban planning, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, and urban planning. 

The university library is equally impressive with its view of Wellington harbour. It is open every day until 10 p.m. In fact, Sunday was one of the busiest days, especially towards the end of the quarter. The Wellington Public Library is within walking distance of the Schools of Architecture and Design. The huge windows facing the sea were conducive to reading. A small cafe inside was right above the children's reading room. It was interesting how the coffee noise did not seem to interrupt the activities of the library. 

Wellington is truly a city of designers, from its architecture, design and theatrical production, interiors of restaurants and cafes. The lively Vivian Street, where the Architecture and Design Schools are located, is at the centre of the entertainment, art and restaurant scene. 

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