Tips to Approach Delhi Art Gallery with your Paintings

Posted by ryan on July 19th, 2019

You have reached the level in your art development as an artist where you have a body of work, are thinking earnestly about selling your paintings, and visualize your next step as showing in an art gallery. So where do you begin if you want to represent yourself in Delhi art gallery?

Well, firstly it is very important to know the things involved when working with an art gallery and the way to approach them with your work. It requires a little encouragement, but once you understand the process and get your ducks straight, you will have no problems. Undoubtedly, every art gallery will be quite different and many come with their own policies in place, but they all work in the same general way.

Commission Basis

There are actually two ways of selling your work through an art gallery in Delhi. The art can either be sold on a commission basis or the gallery can choose to buy the artwork up frontly. And most of the gallery artist agreements work on a commission basis.

Commission sales mean that your artwork is displayed in the gallery for a fixed period of time. And neither you nor the gallery makes any money until and unless the artwork gets sold.

The Average Commission

Usually, the art galleries ask for around 30-40% of a sale. Some might be higher or lower, it just depends on the individual gallery and the local art market.

Moreover, artists might have a hard time knowing the fact that art galleries also need to make money. It can be quite sad to see that about 40% of a sale for your work goes to someone else, but you have to remember that they too have certain expenses. How? Well, galleries are required to pay for the utilities, rent, and employee expenditures together with taxes and marketing to get your work visible. Remember, art galleries market for you and if they do a good job at it, both of you will be benefited from it.

 How to Approach an Art Gallery in Delhi?

When approaching an art gallery in New Delhi, there are certain ways of going about it. Though you might not feel cozy when asking about your representation, but you don’t need to feel shy about it. Gallery owners always look for new artists and work to get it displayed. So if you think you have an original, creative, and well-executed artwork to display, it is very likely that they will take the time to look.

  • Do not show up on weekends or in the evenings. Instead, choose a time that is less busy like a weekday afternoon.
  • Approach the art gallery with a printed portfolio or with a few copies of your work.
  • Your appearance matters the most and you are selling yourself as much as your art.

Well, you must always scout the gallery before even asking for a representation. Remember, a landscape painting will not work in a gallery that focuses on abstract work.


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