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Posted by johnhrq on July 19th, 2019

Since we started decided to start making e-liquids, we at SMAX have always valued trying things to distinguish our products from the status quo. With so many brands out there and new ones emerging almost daily, it is difficult to be more than a voice in a choir. One of the things that makes SMAX different from other e-liquid brands is our dedication to producing only Max Vg E Liquid.

For those who don’t know, vapor e liquids have two main diluent chemicals that make up the base of your juice. These chemicals are vegetable glycerin(VG) and propylene glycol(PG). Add some flavor, and maybe some nicotine, to one or both of those base chemicals and you have yourself an e liquid.

The industry standard for e liquids tends to feature a high PG ratio. There are some good reasons for this. PG vapes effectively and produces a “throat hit” that a lot of users who are vaping for cessation purposes value. It also tends to leave a little less residue and it holds flavors very well.

PG has a long history as a food additive, as it is odorless, mildly sweet, and clear. Due to its numerous applications, food safe PG is widely available. While all these facts make PG an ideal candidate for e liquid applications, many users experience discomfort when vaping PG.

PG tends to cause discomfort to the skin, throat, and eyes of users with PG intolerance. Because allergies are not always predictable, PG intolerance isn’t always obvious. Some users don’t begin to experience symptoms until they’ve been vaping PG based e liquids for months. Headaches, dry skin, rashes, and hives can occur when sensitive users are exposed to high levels of PG. When this becomes a problem, one way to continue to enjoy vaping is to switch to a max VG e liquid.

As its name implies, vegetable glycerin is derived from natural plant-based sources. VG is naturally sweet and creates a very thick vapor. It also vapes at lower temperatures and produces a much smoother hit. At SMAX, all our e-liquids have a max VG formula.

So what does max VG mean? In order to be considered max VG, an e liquid has to contain at least 70% VG. Vegetable glycerin makes a great diluent component for producing thick, smooth, vapor. Sadly it doesn’t always have the flavor retention many vape users have come to expect from PG e liquids. By using a small amount of PG to hold the flavor components of the e liquid, max VG e liquid can have the amazing flavor of a high PG blend.

While it would be amazing to produce a flavorful 100% VG e liquid, almost all flavorings that are safe for vaping are made with a PG base. Some brands experiment with PG free e liquid, but the flavors are difficult to mix and often will not deliver the same flavor quality users expect. Unless you are extremely sensitive to PG, finding these PG free e liquids is not the only solution to continue vaping.

At SMAX we mix all of our flavors with a VG/PG ratio of 90/10. We try to keep 10% PG as an absolute maximum to assure a comfortable vaping experience. Many of our customers love our products because they experience sensitivity with high PG e liquids. Even if PG sensitivity is not an issue you face, we think our line of max VG e liquids’ thick and smooth vapor will impress you. Try any of our delicious flavors and see the difference vaping with all natural vegetable glycerin can make.

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