Scents for Relaxation and Sleep

Posted by john on July 19th, 2019

In many years now, people have used scents to bear a personality. In the history of Egypt, those that can pay for it would burn frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and cypress to help in their sleep and entice dreams. Furthermore, the Romans have chosen to use the scent of chamomile to gain relaxation and deep dreams. Also, adding to this is Hippocrates, who is fond of doing aromatherapy. You may buy perfumes at the site of fragrance 365.


For a fact, aromatherapy, the practice of blending scents for health purposes, is known to allow deeper sleep and lowering down of fatigue. There are scents that are known to encourage a positive mood and relaxation benefits, which result in resting. Additionally, there was a study that says the natural scent of the person you love can result in having good sleep.


Moreover, aromatherapy can lead to relaxation and restfulness. To help in your search for a scent that would make you sleep better, this article will mention seven (7) scents that are scientifically tested to result to relaxation, gain more sleep quality and even cater to insomnia.


1. Lavender

Lavender is a popular scent to help sleep remedies. It is sweet and fragrantly. It is also one of the most well-researched. As a herb, it is known to lower down chances of restlessness and agitation. Additionally, it is used to solve insomnia and allow longer sleep. Lastly, studies say that lavender lowers down the heart rate as well as blood pressure, which helps us in relaxation and falling better asleep.


2. Vanilla

Vanilla is thick in taste and smell. It is known to gain a positive mood. Also, it lowers down arousal in test subjects. There have been cases reported of vanilla endowing antidepressant scents. Such allows the perfect environment for sleeping restfully.


3. Valerian Extract

Valerian extract is also a popular sleep scent. Also, it was found out in a study that valerian extract can allow added delta and theta activity in the brain, which are parts of the body that encourage drowsiness and deep sleep. Adding to this is the study that shown rats falling asleep quickly and sleeping longer upon sniffing the extract.


4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood bears a smooth, warm and soft scent, which makes it a top choice among perfume makers. In fact, there was a study that showed the smell of sandalwood allows added theta brain activity, which encourages drowsiness and deep sleep. Furthermore, it was also found out that sandalwood help eases sleep disturbances for persons suffering from cold or allergies.


5. Juniper

Juniper bears a woody scent that is known to cure insomnia. There was a study that found out that people who inhaled juniper and other scents were able to lower down their sleep aid medication. Moreover, juniper is also known to cure a lot of problems in the body such as menstrual difficulties, nervous exhaustion and fatigue, to name a few.


6. Lemon

Lemons are popular ingredients to water and in delightful recipes. It is also used in aromatherapy that helps cut down anxiety and stress levels, lessen blood pressure and calm allergies, which may result in better sleep. Lemons are also found out to lower down chances of insomnia, which also takes place, especially for menopausal women.


7. Bergamot

Bergamot oil is also a popular choice in mixing fragrances. It endows a citrus-like fragrance, which is paired up with a little spicy-floral quality. It is known to lower cortisol levels, lower blood pressure and cut down psychological stress responses, which, also, allows deep sleep.


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