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Posted by Thomas Shaw on July 19th, 2019

A 2019 Beginner's Guide to Squonking

Squonking isn’t a new method of vaping, but with new innovations and devices, the vape market is seeing a surge of customers trying to find a squonking experience. As several vapers know, traditional rebuildable drip atomizer systems can provide impressive and intense flavor, but they is usually difficult to maintain, so many people have begun turning to squonk mods. Whether you are a vaping novice or an expert enthusiast, here can be a guide that will help you understand extra about squonking. Get a lot more details about KMG Imports ipv v3-mini

What exactly is squonking?

A squonker is actually a style of vape mod that comes having a built-in bottle for e-liquid. The device easily enables you to pump the liquid onto the wicks and coils on demand. Squonkers are also called bottom-feed devices mainly because the liquid is housed inside the bottom in the device and is fed upwards through the atomizer. These mods normally shop far more e-juice than bigger capacity vape tanks but present the identical flavor intensity as a dripper.

Squonking versus Dripping
Squonk mods are primarily automated dripping. Dripping offers the identical flavor but is much more time-consuming than squonking. On a dripper, organic cotton is pulled by way of a heating element along with a handful of drops of e-juice are dripped onto the cotton until the wick is totally saturated. Regrettably, while this method does provide high-quality flavor, just after a few puffs, the wick becomes dry and you really need to do the whole method over once again. Squonking uses these very same mechanics, but instead of dripping, there is certainly an internal e-liquid container that aids feed the juice through the mod and straight into the coils of your atomizer.

How does a squonker work?
Squonk mods initially began out with a squeezable bottle that helped lead the e-liquid by way of the device. You will find many products on the market that nevertheless use these confirmed mechanics. However, now you will find some squonk mods which have buttons that automate the complete course of action and pump the liquid for you. It is possible to also adjust the pump speed and temperature in some devices. All squonkers perform within a comparable fashion:

An e-liquid storage bottle is located at the bottom on the mod

A pipe leads the liquid in the bottle towards the bottom feed atomizer

After you squeeze the bottle or hit the button, based on your model, the e-liquid will be sent for your atomizer.

Who should really get a squonk mod?
All vapers will love a squonk mod, specially since they’re easy to use and to refill. Perhaps one with the largest benefits of those vape mods is the fact that they are easy. With these devices, you don’t must carry a bottle of e-liquid, due to the fact the tank’s capacity is so substantial. There’s no more frequent filling up.

The Benefits of Squonking

No constant dripping of e-juice essential: You could save your self loads of time and energy. Because the tank holds the e-liquid, you will not have to carry a bunch of vape juice with you when you are on the go.

Tanks can be simply refilled: You simply must pop out the e-liquid bottle to refill it along with your favored flavor.

Tank capacity: The tank capacity on these devices is as much as 3 to 4 instances the quantity of other devices.

Minimal leaking: While other devices have a tendency to leak, any excess liquid inside a squonk mod will go suitable back in to the tank.

Flavor: The flavor expressed by these mods is just as intense as classic rebuildable drip atomizer devices, but without the hassle.

Beware of Unregulated Squonk Mods

There are a large number of those devices that happen to be unregulated. An unregulated vaping device implies that there aren’t as lots of safety measures in location, so it is up to the vapers to take their own safety into account. Incorrectly constructed and unregulated mods can explode and trigger serious injury, so it’s essential to find out regarding the unique brands and their devices.

The best way to Pick Your Squonk Mod
If you would like to choose the most effective squonk mod for your vaping preferences, you should know where to look. You'll find tons of devices available and they all have key variations. Right here are some guidelines that will help you discover the most beneficial squonk mod:

Figure out safety
You usually desire to ensure you are acquiring a squonk mod that is definitely successful and protected to use. Regrettably, you can find dishonest manufacturers available and their devices may be unsafe. Often invest in from respected suppliers and read reviews to create positive your peers are satisfied with their purchases. Also, pre-order your iPV V3-Mini these days!

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