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Automotive Tire Analytics | The Internet of Things in the Automotive Industry

Posted by chaitali12 on July 19th, 2019

Automotive tire analytics is a solution for the maintenance of the tire, which helps tire regarding replacement and other aspects. Tire analytics generates data that helps the driver to analyze the issue associated with tire before it is likely to occur.

Dana Inc. is a major player in the field of automotive tire analytics. Other potential players for the market include Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Sensata Technologies, Inc., and many other tire manufacturers such as Yokohama Tires, JK Tyres, Apollo Tyres, and CEAT Ltd.

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Dana Inc.

Dana Inc. developed a solution for tire analytics, named Rhombus TireAnalytics Solution. It is a cloud-based platform that enables fleet maintenance managers and commercial truck owners to adopt the finest practices for maintenance of the tire and tire lifecycle management optimization. Rhombus TireAnalytics solution offers understandings of trailer and tractor tires that assist in the analysis and identification of trends of tire wear and forecast repair problems that can be directed preventively to reduce truck downtime and create scheduled replacement with optimal timeframes.

Robert Bosch GmbH

On August 21, 2018, Robert Bosch GmbH signed an agreement with Ceres Power Holdings plc. for technology development and manufacturing, and to acquire 4% equity stake in Ceres Power Holdings plc.

On August 11, 2018, Robert Bosch and Daimler partnered to develop Drive Pegasus platform by AI computing company NVIDIA. The ECU network is likely to be integrated into battery cells’ cooling circuit.

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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

In February 2018, ZF Friedrichshafen AG announced a joint venture with Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., China. Heli is China-based construction equipment manufacturing company.

In November 2017, ZF Friedrichshafen AG expanded its development facilities for autonomous driving. 20 software developers are expected to develop advance technology such as driving assistance, integrated vehicle safety, and autonomous driving.

Implementation of norms that mandate tire analytics for vehicle safety

Governing bodies and authorities working for the development of vehicles and improvement of driving conditions for drivers and passengers are enacting stringent norms on vehicle manufacturers to improve safety features in their vehicles. Tire analytics is a safety solution that helps in tire maintenance and replacement. A series of vehicle accidents caused due to bad tires in the early 2000s prompted legislators in the U.S. to include tire maintenance system/ solution as part of its TREAD Act legislation, which was intended to address growing driver safety concerns. Presently, in the U. S., all new vehicles are provided with tire analytics. According to United Nations regulation UNECE-R64, countries and sub-regions in Europe adopted a legislation about tire maintenance system, such as tire analytics, for new vehicle models, which began from the end of 2012, and also for all vehicles from November 2014, primarily for environmental reasons.

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