The Post Office is a Great Opportunity for Young People Today

Posted by Mords1944 on July 20th, 2019

A non-career job at the post office is a great opportunity for young people today. There are many ways to take advantage of a part-time job with USPS. I know many people who have used a post-job as part-time income while working on a degree or way towards their future career. There have been others who have another full-time job and use their mailing to supplement their income. Then there are those who started part-time and decided to make a career out of the post office.

It is in all news that it is difficult for newly graduated colleges to find a job in these difficult economic times. The post office would be an excellent opportunity for some of these new job seekers. A non-career job like PSE (Postal Support Employee), RCA (Rural Carrier Associate), TRC (Temporary Rural Carrier), Transition City Carrier, Postmaster Relief and as an informal employee could be a good job opportunity for a young person. Money when you get your education. Some college students work during the daytime (RCA, TRC, casual, etc.) and go to school at night. Some others work as PSE or relaxed on the plant and go to school during the day. In my experience, it is much easier to get a supervisor or postmaster to work on your schedule if you are in a post office rather than in a processing plant or plant.

The other way to take advantage of a non-professional job is to work at the part-time post office and have another job complete when available. For example, a postmaster usually only works on Saturday to complete the administrator's position on his day off. Because of this, PMR can get another job to complete a few hours during the week. The post administrator can give prior notice for holidays or operations so that a notice is given to the other employer. I know an RCA who has a full-time job in a public school system that has been an RCA for more than twenty years (he has rejected a job in rural areas more than twenty times). Earn more than $ 15,000 a year at the post office, which works every Saturday and finishes four weeks of vacation. Not bad for a part-time job. It is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to work in their business. A small company can work around an RCA, TRC or PMR position.

The third way to take advantage of a job in a non-career post office is to use it for a career position. It is possible that a young person is not in place to seek a full-time job immediately. Therefore, a job like an RCA can be a great way to start. It is possible that they only work a few days a week for a while. But as their seniority rises and they learn more routes, they start getting more hours. Before they know it, they work almost forty hours a week (many more options in a large rural office). A few years later, they may have the opportunity to become a full-time rural carrier.

You can also get a professional position by learning the system while you are part-time. For example, it is much easier to get a job as a municipal carrier if you start as a city transit carrier or as an informal carrier. If you are a good employee and learn the job, it will really help you improve your test result when a City Carrier position is available in the office. Also, who will employ the mail manager if they have a list of six people they do not know and a working person who is already working for them?

The post office is a great opportunity for men and women of college age today. There are many ways to take advantage of a part-time job with Kalamazoo USPS. A career position may be the best result.

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