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Posted by Employer Tube on July 20th, 2019

The process of interviewing is changing rapidly. We have learned about interviewing more effectively in the last few years, as we know in the first decades, and the expectations of the candidates have also been developed. As more and more companies start to adapt, more will be pushed to new, more innovative interview strategies to find the best talent. 

Savvy companies learn to adapt to changing technology and changing the environment. One way to see this change is with video interviews, which are becoming very common. Allows the recruitment specialist to fully assess the candidate's responses, clarify and investigate, which is more accurate than the video app in away. The Hiring Manager receives a live interview without being in the room by the recruitment specialist.

This can encourage a less stressful experience for the candidates because the candidates can choose to take part in a comfortable environment like a home office. In addition, live video interviews provide interactive benefits similar to a person's interview, allowing participants to talk fluently in between each other.

Reducing travel and in-office waiting times, allowing video interviewing, hiring managers and other key stakeholders to allow for a more streamlined timetable process in the process of hiring. Video interview capabilities can also allow many interviewers operated from different places to interact with a candidate for a streamlined experience.

Most job seekers use the internet in search of a second job instead of ads that spend their time in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. While online job-hunting can save the expenses associated with spending the pavement looking for a job and connects you to more employers in less time but does not overlook the loss of job hunting on the internet.

One of the major benefits of job hunting on the Internet is the facility. From the comfort of your home, you can use thousands of job openings. You do not need to drive in the employer's offices to ask if they have job openings. You can find jobs in your geographic area or you can find opportunities in the next city, across the country or on the other side of the world. In addition, if you search for long-distance jobs, some employers organize video interviews, which makes it easy to interview for jobs that are outside your region.

Employer tube is the first video interview platform is designed with diversity and transparency. The video interview has been defined, "... a job interview that is remotely and uses video technology as a communication medium." There are essentially two types of video interviews/screenings. There are asynchronous videos, where a candidate is given a set of questions by the envoy to answer the applicant and later they have to deposit back. There are then synchronous videos, which are convenient for both parties, there is a live video chat between the enforcers and the applicant.

The benefits of this technique include the fact that it is cost-effective, timely, convenient for both employers and applicants, and, most importantly, it helps the company to attract the best talent for the job!

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