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Robotics Class for Kids

Posted by sherkhansahu on July 20th, 2019

Lego Robotics Class

4 ways building toys can grow your child’s mind

Any parent looking for the best in brain-building activities has most likely seen the excitement around LEGO Bricks in recent years. An increasing number of parents and educators are recognizing the learning opportunities these little interlocking bricks can bring to...

Support your child’s visual processing skills with these activities

When it comes to learning, the eyes have it. At school, some 80 percent of the information your child takes in will be visual based. That means you’ll definitely want to make and keep those annual eye exams. At the same time, something even more important is...

You can do it! 6 ways to promote confidence in your child

Kids’ ability (or lack of ability) to develop self-confidence early on may have a profound effect on the rest of their lives, including their careers. One recent study shows a positive correlation between confidence in childhood and favorable wages and promotions in...

Lego Robotics Class

Help your child find their ‘zone’ through engaging play

Think of your child’s happy place. If they couldn’t watch their favorite show and had to find something to do, what would it be? Is it building and tinkering with metal parts or a construction toy, such as LEGO Bricks? Do they play for hours with their toys, making up...

How to make science learning fun for kids

Ask any parent about developing their children’s reading skills, and chances are, they can come up with a ready list of solutions: set aside time each day for quiet reading, and read stories out loud, even if the child is too young to read. That’s because we all know...

Teachers share the one secret to unlocking learning: Parents

Teachers are important people in your child’s life. A good fit versus a bad one can make all the difference in your child’s success during that school year. Someone else has an equally important role in your child’s education, and that’s you, the parent! Many teachers...

Lego Robotics Class

5 ways to encourage problem solving in your child

Whether your child is 2 or 12, many parents are familiar with a certain twitch that flares up inside: Time to fly in and rescue the kid from that tangled mess. The intention is always good. After all, we don’t expect kids to solve problems too big for them to handle....

3 ways parents can better connect with their child

Life is busy, especially with work, extracurricular schedules, activities and other tasks that have to be done. Still, it’s important to carve out some meaningful time with your children. Not only does this improve the parent-child relationship, but you can also...

How do parents prepare their kids for future job opportunities?

There is no doubt that STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) will factor heavily into the job market of tomorrow. And right now, the U.S. educational system is behind the curve. Employers have more openings than skilled workers and there’s a...

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