Using Slang Phrases When Requesting A Date With Women

Posted by Juanes Garza on July 21st, 2019

When texting online especially via “online dating sites” many run into trouble communicating effectively.

The communication trouble is, we are seeing words but not the persons face, body language nor the tone of voice.

I was surprised when I was told that sending a message USING ALL CAPS was rude and interpreted as yelling, I thought using all caps looked better.

So, lets discuss the possible affects when using the word “DATE”

These days, successful daters don’t usually use the word “date” when meeting a girl for the first time.

Many who use “date” run into trouble following through.

This is because the word “date” sounds very formal, outdated plus preloads the first time encounter with unnecessary pressure and in many cases scares the girl away.


Date sounds too serious for many, so be careful.

So, how does it sound to say “let's make plans" instead?

Using words that are suggestive like “Lets Make Plans” reduces the pressure,  without creating expectations, you think?

Well it depends, it depends on the how it is read and by who, their age, gender, nationality, class etc.

You’re probably wondering “what the hell?”

Typing “lets make plans” can cause trouble?

Well, “lets make plans” can be read as being bold with a decisive tone, it can imply that the arrangements to meet will be made right there and then.

These type of phrases you want to say in person so the person also reads your body language and tone of voice.

It’s A Gamble:


I know some guys who used the “lets go out on a date" tag with surprising success.

However, they took their chances and got away with it because they where handsome studs or plays the dating field well.

However, In any given situation, it’s a gamble especially online.

Play It Safe / Don’t Use Slang:

I was surprised to learn that "let's hang out" means let's have casual sex for many youngsters, can you believe that? for me, it always meant to spend time casually.

If you are smiling, you are over 30!

Interestingly, we have witnessed unhappy endings due to the careless or unknowingly use of "let's hang out"

I would of never guessed that people could be so shallow with words and maybe you either so:

Stick to proper English when planning your first date!  


These words may not seem like a big deal, however in the world of dating online, and even social media platforms, typing” let’s hang out” could spoil everything.

So to be safe use "let's go out at some point" or “I’d like to finally meet you In person” - these type of words will help preserve your connection.


Also, depending on the level of your intimacy makes a difference.

For instance, if you know a certain women is interest in you, then saying what’s in your heart will be appropriate and you’ll just know it.

It’s important to remember that text messaging is different than verbal communication, the chances to misinterpret via texting is super high! 

Again, with the absence of facial expressions, body language and the tone of voice, texting can be easily misinterpreted.

For Example:

A man asks a woman: "Would you like to hang out at some point?

Did you interpret this as friendly or as a bootie call?

You’ll be shocked at how many would consider this a sex call!

Through our ongoing research using slang is not recommended, it lacks what it takes to produce successful dating outcomes.

Unfortunately, we need to mask our words in order to protect our intentions.

So, slip “date” and “ let’s hang out” under the rug and say “lets go out for a cup of coffee” instead!

You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee, and anything can happen over a cup of coffee, you can even have sex after a cup of coffee.

We’d like to say shut up and just hook up but, that’s not the way it works online.

When interested in meeting women a “cup of coffee” could never be misinterpreted. 

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