The Legitimate Process To Hire A Maid In Dubai And UAE

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Dubai is the busiest and well-developed metropolis of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It affectionately welcomes the opportunities for tourism because of its attractive and well-advanced places. Every year, a large number of people visit Dubai, that’s why it has obtained the status of an international city. Emirati people or expats live a prosperous life in Dubai in fact in the whole United Arab Emirates (UAE) because they are enjoying the benefit of the free-tax economy. There are multiple facilities, incentives, and opportunities that the government of Dubai provides all Citizens, including expatriates. Emirati people can afford a professional, commercial, and domestic servants or maids due to their luxurious life. Even, wealthy citizens of Dubai hire or sponsor those people who belong to other countries, as a maid or helpers. The House Cleaning Dubai is becoming a significant trend in Dubai. The tremendous demand for household and commercial sanitation raises the requirement for housemaids or helpers. Tourism in Dubai demands hotels and restaurants which require maids or helpers. The opulent lifestyle of Emirati people requires maids either they are native or non-native.

But, hiring or sponsoring an honest, hardworking, and trustworthy maid is not an easy task in the well-advanced metropolis of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There is a legal procedure that requires hiring or sponsoring maids in Dubai. The hiring of international maids is the legitimate duty of the employer (sponsor).

This article highlights detailed information about the legal process of hiring a maid in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), that usually people are unaware of that.

Method of the Sponsorship of Maids in Dubai and UAE:

The procedure of Sponsoring the Visa of Helper:

According to the Dubai law, only the head of the family (Man or Women) must be responsible for sponsoring the visa of hired helper. It is necessary that the family head must earn not less than Dh6000 to Dh5000 plus. Dubai government allows accommodation for sponsoring a maid.

Who Can Sponsor a Maid in Dubai?

The law of UAE doesn’t allow bachelors to sponsor or hire a maid in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Mostly wealthy Emirati people and cleaning company owners hire international maids or helpers.

Particular Countries:

The law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) permits its citizens to sponsor maids or helpers for housekeeping or as an employee of cleaning companies from the following countries:

• India.
• Sri Lanka.
• The Philippines.
• Ethiopia.
• Bangladesh.
• Indonesia.

Necessary Documents for Sponsorship of Maids/ Helpers in Dubai:

Some following significant documents are necessary for the sponsorship of maids/helpers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

• The sponsor has to submit his/her passport photocopy with Valid Residence Stamp.
• Attested labor contact or the original Salary Certificate of sponsors who has immigration visas. The Salary Certificate in the Arabic language is legally eligible.
• One photocopy of attested Tenancy Contract, which associates with Ejari because according to the law of Dubai, the sponsor should have at least 2 bedroom apartments.
• One photocopy of hired maid/helper.
• Sponsored maid/helper must have to submit 4 passport size pictures with white background.
• It is a requirement for the sponsorship of the maid/helper in Dubai that authorized typing center fills the application form of the visa of helper/maid. Typing charges for visa form will be Dh 110 and for an urgent form of Visa, charges will be Dh 210.
Those Emirati people who are thinking to hire a maid or helper, they can get further information from the GDRFA website of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Details of Applying Maid’s/Helper’s Visa:

• Application for Entry Permit is necessary for the entry of helpers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
• The Entry Permit application will submit in immigration or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
• The sponsor has to pay Dh2000 as a deposit.
• The original Entry permit will deposit in Visa Desk at Dubai airport or DNRD counter.
• It is necessary that the sponsor must collect the residence visa of a hired maid or helper within 30 days before the arrival of the helper/maid in Dubai.
• A medical checkup of a hired maid or servant is necessary.
• When the maid/helper leaves Dubai then, the Dubai government will return the deposited money of the sponsor.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have very stringent laws for hiring international helpers/maids. The sponsors like wealthy Emirati people, and Cleaning Company in Dubai, have to follow these laws otherwise on illegal attempt they have pay 27,000 dollars fine with strict punishment. The government made these laws for the safety of hired helpers or maids.

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